I want to share this Kobashi clip, and tell you why he's so important

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Hey gang,

Like many of you, I've been watching wrestling for...too long. Obviously, I gave up on WWE years ago, and as for AEW...well, the less said the better. However, I've been a long time fan of Japanese Puroresu. I didn't get into it till a little later, and the advent of modern NJPW has been an absolute dream for a lapsed fan like me.

The clip I want to share today is one of my favourites ever.

At the time, Kobashi, one of Pro Wrestling Noah's brightest stars was on extended leave due to kidney cancer. If you go back to EARLY gamespot days, there's threads on the forum that are like 13 years old where people were talking about him. In the above clip, this was Kobashi's return to the ring. If you watch the clip, you'll be able to hear the absolute reverence that the crowd have for him. The absolute sonorous chant of "KOBASHI" echoes around the arena, and in the clip, you can actually hear the Japanese announcers voice crack as he says something to the effect of "He is here...and he is alive"

You can also see the respect he has from his peers, fellow members of the Four Pillars of Heaven, which, if people are interested in, I could elaborate further at another time.

I just wanted to share that clip, as it means a lot to me. I know that Roman beat cancer too, but this just has this layer of...soul to it, that I feel a lot of pro wrestling in the modern age doesn't