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For some reason my Xbox one (original model) is having issues with instant sign on. It won't log into my profile for almost a minute it seems or it won't at all. so I'm wondering if others are having this issue? and I'm wondering if there are certain steps to fix this issue.

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I had trouble signing-in with my profile yesterday and couldn't access any online features besides downloading patches, but it seemed to fix itself overnight, since I didn't have any issues today.

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Xbox Live has been having some service issues for the last ~2 days. Try doing a Hard Rest, while the Xbox is one hold the power button on the console until the screen goes black. (You will need manually sign back in afterwords, so hopefully you remember your password/2FA)

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I've noticed my xbox acting up as well. Tiles are taking a long time to load in and when I was watching UPF on Edge today the home button was pretty unresponsive to the point where it was almost impossible to get back to the home screen.

I think they're messing with some thing on their end which are having weirdly adverse effects on the dashboard.