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Poll: Will Microsoft stick with the Scorpio name at E3 2017? (423 votes)

Scorpio 14%
Another name (comment below) 85%

I'd appreciate if people voted as well as commented as the rules sort of rely on that...

There may have been a topic like this a while ago but I couldn't find it.

How about we turn the final name of Scorpio into a game.

As the question above asks: What will Microsoft actually call this thing?

If you think they'll stick with Scorpio, vote above and your work is done. If you think it'll be another name, select that answer and comment what you think it'll be.

I'll close entries when the press conference starts (or if it's leaked ahead of time.)

Prize for being the first right answer. A Steam Summer Sale game of your choice (when that rolls around). OR a $60 donation to a charity of your choice.

If Scorpio ends up being the name, I'll donate the % of people who chose 'scorpio' in $ to a charity of my choice, I guess. Or I'll have a second poll for which charity if people prefer. Eg. If 50% say Scorpio and it is, then that's $50 to charity. Fair? Good. Lets go...

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#1 Posted by TopCat88 (371 posts) -

My vote is for: Xbox Elite

Keep those confusing names rolling.

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#2 Posted by Notkcots (113 posts) -

Xbox One 360

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#3 Edited by SpaceInsomniac (6353 posts) -

Xbox Two U

Real answer: Xbox 4K, Xbox One 4K, X4K or X14K. If MS wants to adapt the 4K name into their product, they'll immediately make a connection with a lot of less-knowledgeable consumers that the new Microsoft console will work nicely with the big ass new television they're buying.

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#4 Posted by RedSquirrelBrown (86 posts) -

Xbox One Pro

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#5 Posted by Guybrush (191 posts) -
@topcat88 said:

My vote is for: Xbox Elite

Keep those confusing names rolling.

Oh you mean this?

No Caption Provided

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#6 Posted by JohnyMyko (1851 posts) -

Xbox One Pro, Xbox One SS, Xbox One S2, Xbox One Two, The Superior Xbox.

I was joking with those names, but I think they will most likely change the name. They always mentioned Scorpio as "Project Scorpio", like a codename.

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#7 Posted by JTB123 (1274 posts) -

Xbox One 2 would be kind of amazing in an odd way. I think they will go with a different name but I have no idea what they'll go for.

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#8 Edited by TopCat88 (371 posts) -

@guybrush: I mean exactly that. I think they'll use it again. I'll go further and predict they bundle an elite controller with it to soften the blow of the price. I'm not sure how well those controllers sold, but why have two highly priced SKUs on the market?

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#9 Posted by PhilipDuck (736 posts) -

Xbox One X

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#10 Posted by isomeri (3114 posts) -

The Super Xbox.

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#11 Posted by cyberbloke (178 posts) -

Scorpio is a cool name, and they are onto a loser using numbers with Playstation on 4 going on 5.

I think they will do well going with the zodiac for a bit. Taurus, Capricorn etc.... maybe stop before they get to Cancer though.

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#12 Posted by MezZa (3042 posts) -

It'd be cool if they did, but I doubt they keep the project name. It'll probably be something kind of dumb or boring.

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#13 Posted by TheHT (15813 posts) -

@guybrush said:
@topcat88 said:

My vote is for: Xbox Elite

Keep those confusing names rolling.

Oh you mean this?

No Caption Provided

Xbox One Elite Two

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#14 Edited by hans_maulwurf (640 posts) -

XBOX 365 - all your games and powerpoint slides and spreadsheets in one powerful box, the whole year round

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#15 Posted by LawGamer (1481 posts) -

XBOX 720(P)ro

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#16 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

XBox One Plus Two

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#17 Edited by afabs515 (2005 posts) -

Xbox 2160, Xbox One and a Half

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#18 Edited by Bollard (8151 posts) -

Xbox (2017)

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#19 Posted by triviaman09 (1032 posts) -

No idea what the name will be but it will not be 'Scorpio.' Microsoft is not going to sell a product in 2017 called The Scorpio

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#20 Edited by Giant_Gamer (754 posts) -

Xbox One Super Elite

Xbox One Supreme

Xbox One X

Xbox One 80

I think that they have dropped the ball when they named the slim as S.

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#21 Posted by Falconer (2125 posts) -

Xbox One X. Then the eventual successor will be called X2: Xbox United.

On a more serious note, it will be called "Xbox One -something-". Microsoft has telegraphed this from day one by continually saying Scorpio is part of the "Xbox One family". Calling it anything else would confuse consumers as to what it is. Remember when the average person thought the Wii U was just an add on for the Wii? Same logic applies here. By calling it "Xbox One -something-" it immediately lets people know it plays the same games, supports the same hardware, etc. I think after Scorpio they may position to calling it just "Xbox" as their service and hardware models evolve with backward and forwards compatibility in mind.

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#22 Posted by sadsadsad (188 posts) -


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#23 Posted by Fram (1849 posts) -


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#24 Posted by EliminatoR (321 posts) -

Xbox One Plus

Xbox One Premium

Xbox One.5

Xbox One Gold

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#25 Posted by paulmako (1958 posts) -

Yung Box

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#26 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2792 posts) -

The New Xbox.

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#27 Posted by geirr (3752 posts) -

Windows 10

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#28 Posted by deerokus (994 posts) -

Xbox One X I expect.

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#29 Posted by PeteyCoco (277 posts) -

XBOX One Two

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#30 Posted by dekkadekkadekka (902 posts) -

Playstation 5.

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#31 Posted by mrcraggle (3075 posts) -

The Xbox 4 (K)

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#32 Posted by MrPlatitude (207 posts) -

Xbox One X

Xbox One 2017

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#33 Posted by Xaopling (17 posts) -

Xbox 10.

Windows 10 family yo

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#34 Posted by Yoshisaur (80 posts) -

My guess is they just call it Xbox.

It's what Sony would have done with the Pro, had the PS4 not been so popular.

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#35 Posted by burncoat (557 posts) -

Kinda wish more products would take cues from anime and other Japanese media. Would love it if they named it Shin XBox or True XBox.

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#36 Posted by mjhwwbg (183 posts) -

XBox Thrust

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#37 Posted by rethla (3725 posts) -

Xbox 1.1

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#38 Posted by Qrowdyy (366 posts) -

Question. Has the official name of a console ever been more interesting than the codename? I still want a Morpheus instead of a PSVR.

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#39 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

Xbox One Elite

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#40 Posted by BonOrbitz (2616 posts) -

Super XBox II Turbo

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#41 Posted by JeremyF (344 posts) -


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#42 Posted by Firepaw (3133 posts) -

One on hand, they have been using Scorpio in several places and it has been out there in the media, so it would make sense to keep it.

On the other, so had Natal and they still changed that to Kinect.

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#43 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

And they have a "history" with the "Elite" name... so...

@firepaw said:

One on hand, they have been using Scorpio in several places and it has been out there in the media, so it would make sense to keep it.

On the other, so had Natal and they still changed that to Kinect.

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#44 Posted by OurSin_360 (6133 posts) -

My guess is "xbox 2"

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#45 Posted by imhungry (1111 posts) -

Xbox HD 1.5 Remix

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#46 Posted by katpottz (511 posts) -

Xbox Prime

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#47 Posted by cikame (2768 posts) -

I don't think it will be Scorpio, despite that being its codename for such a long time, i don't necessarily think it's a bad name though if they do decide to keep it, but the final decision is bound to be something a lot more boring than that.

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#48 Posted by deactivated-5a923fc7099e3 (534 posts) -


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#49 Edited by Jinoru (436 posts) -

Xbox One 2: Birth By Halo

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#50 Posted by Octopusrocketmark (148 posts) -

New 2DXbox XL