Xbox Holiday Update

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The Xbox Holiday Update is supposed to be rolling out today for the console and Windows app. New features include Clubs, Looking for Group, Achievement Rarity, and Group Messaging.

More at link:

I haven't received the update on my console yet, but I'm curious to try this stuff out and to see if the update addresses any basic UI navigation and slowness.

Edit: just got the "It's time to update" prompt - 686 MB. Looks like Brad has already created a group Giant Bomb Official Classic.

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I have been running this update in preview program for a while now, and i have to say the ui is a lot more responsive for me. I don't have any delays when moving from section to section anymore. I think its the best update so far.

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If only they could copy Sony on game and system update management because preventing your users from playing the game while it's updating is the worst way of doing it. The last game I installed on my PS4 were playable from the get go and It frustrates me to no end that it's not like that on X1.

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@deanoxd: Good to hear. I've never had any issue finding what I need with the way things are arranged, but it's always been annoying whenever the sidebar or pop up menu freezes. Really impressed with the work they've done with this and backwards compatibility recently.

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Been using the update in preview for a while. Achievement rarity is really awesome. Rare achievements make a different sound when they pop up so you feel all spiffy.

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@catsakimbo: The game done changed. The game done changed as hard as it ever will. Happy holidays, Xbox.