You can start playing several original Xbox games now on the Xbox One.

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Who else is going to try it? I have to check this out now that I know it's going. This is really cool. The games that are currently on there and working are Black, BloodRayne 2, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Dead to Rights, Fusion Frenzy, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, The King of Fighters Neowave, Ninja Gaiden Black, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Psychonauts, Red Faction 2, Sid Meier's Pirates, and Knights of the Old Republic. I know it takes time, but I wish games came out faster. Originally I didn't care for back compat because I thought I'd just plug the old systems in, but ever since they started doing it, and it showed to have some improvements, I rethought my feelings on it. Plus, it's way more convenient just to have every game in one place. What other games are you hoping to come out on it? I can think of a bunch, but I think the one that makes the most sense to me out of many is TimeSplitters 2 & 3.

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I just played about 30 minutes of KotOR on my Xbox One and I am really impressed. The HD Xbox start-up screen, the sharp text, the still impressive cut scenes. It's a pretty new coat of paint.

Also KotOR itself is still incredible. I might have to squeeze in another playthrough before Mario Odyssey comes out.

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Time to play Ninja Gaiden Black for the one millionth time. The king of action games has yet to be dethroned all these years later. Oh wait, every video game in existence is coming out on the 27th, shit. Guess that'll have to wait.

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Nice to know there is more xbox originals coming to the Xbox one. I don't have my old xbox and with it being a little annoying having to track down an old console to and copy of an old game. Being able to download it makes it all the more sweeter. Can't wait to play Black again one of my favorites growing up.

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If I didn't have a massive pile of shame, I'd give KOTOR or Psychonauts another run through for sure.

Other than that, never played Crimson Skies so I'm looking forward to giving that a go. Also never finished Sands of Time so I might pick that up.

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Burnout 3: Takedown please and thank you.

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Tried kotor on this earlier. It’s pretty damn cool, even if I could’ve just played it before on pc. Looked good even on an s, so I bet it looks really nice on an x. My Scorpio hype is rising.

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I took out all the games I had for it and played Prince of Persia first. I am super impressed by it. Maybe it's like the original game, but it runs extremely smooth and the game looks good in HD. It actually makes me want to go through all the Prince of Persia games! I didn't beat any of them but have one on Xbox and three on Steam. Off-topic, but I also got Shadows of the Damned yesterday so I'm playing that now and it's really, really great. I might have to try and get through a bunch of games before Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein and AC come out. I only have four games for the backward compatible list. So much potential for this. Phil Spencer said there won't be as many original Xbox games as the 360, but damn... I hope they try to do every game.

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Are these disc based only or can they also be purchased digitally?

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@sargon said:

Are these disc based only or can they also be purchased digitally?

As far as I know, you should be able to throw a disc in and go. I guess I'll have to take some of my OG Xbox games out of the basement and test it out.

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@sargon said:

Are these disc based only or can they also be purchased digitally?

They are also available digitally for $10 a piece.

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Redownloaded Black and bought Ninja Gaiden. Black is a fun game but it also seems like it is the same thing every level. Michael Giacchino is on the soundtrack for this also, shits wild. Also didn't know he basically began his career in video games. Ninja Gaiden Black I have played about 20 minutes of. Both seemed to run well.

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I watched my brother-in-law play some Ninja Gaiden Black and was immediately reminded how mean that game is. I'm definitely going to give it another shot at some point, huh? Maybe this time I'll get past the second level.

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I need Burnout 3, Unreal Championship 2 and Jet Set Radio Future.

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@dinosaurcanada: Yep, that's probably my favorite thing about Black. I used to enjoy the game a lot just as a shooter, and maybe it's still fine, but the Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton soundtrack was exceptional.

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@arbitrarywater: It's the hardest version. And not due to that, but it's the only version I didn't beat. I rented it (or borrowed it) and got to the evil Ryu and he kicked my butt so I moved on and just never went back. Maybe I should get it; it's the only Ninja Gaiden I don't have.

@sargon: Both.

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My brother bought Star Wars digitally. I have it on Steam but never felt compelled to finish it. I'm curious as to how it plays with a gamepad considering the Steam version doesn't allow it. Also, it looks to run really smoothly. I saw some comparisons and not only is it cleaner with a higher resolution, but the frame rate is about 40 to 60fps while the original Xbox version and the backward compatible 360 one is 10 to 30fps. I think the worst part of the emulation is just that it's a boxed screen, but I don't mind it that much.

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@floydeo said:

I need Burnout 3, Unreal Championship 2 and Jet Set Radio Future.

I hope they get Jet Set Radio Future to work a little better this time. It was occasionally very laggy on the 360.

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Dammit I played KotOR earlier this year for the first time and had I of known it was going to be backwards compatible I would've waited. Here's hoping that JSRF will be bc and that they fix the framerate of certain parts in that game that the 360 emulator buggered up.

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Playing KOTOR. I'm enjoying it a lot, and more than I did on Steam. To be honest, I just like the use of the controller more despite thinking M&KB working fine. I also don't like some of the (albeit not that many) loops that I have to go through to get the game running the best on my PC. In actuality, if I remember correctly, the backward compatible version runs more smoothly than the game did on my PC. I also really just like sitting on my love seat and in front of the bigger TV with the better sound. The game's experience visually doesn't really differ to the PC one either just going off my memory. Right now I'm going to check out Black. I don't remember the last time I played that.

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@coldwolven said:

Dammit I played KotOR earlier this year for the first time and had I of known it was going to be backwards compatible I would've waited. Here's hoping that JSRF will be bc and that they fix the framerate of certain parts in that game that the 360 emulator buggered up.

Apparently Knight of the Old Republic runs extremely well on the Xbox One. Like, "double the framerate" better.

It's insane to me, the level of improvement these original Xbox games are seeing by being playable on this platform. I don't know if that's the result of some work happening behind the scenes or just a credit to the Xbox One's horsepower. Impressive, either way.

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If anyone wants to be a Sky Pirate flying around in cool prop planes that have rockets and shotguns and stuff on them, and also Zeppelins are involved, I recommend Crimson Skies.

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@inevpatoria: I can confirm that KOTOR runs fantastically well. It also looks not far off the PC version.

I spent a couple of hours trying to find my Ninja Gaiden disc earlier and eventually gave up and bought it on XBL. Again, really impressed with the quality - We're talking not far off HD remaster or Ninja Gaiden Sigma levels.

It's a noticeable step up from the PS2 stuff on PS4.

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This is really awesome, but I can't decide which game(s) to buy first. The recommendations above seem good, but I'm hoping the crew streams some of these games this week.

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I’m so glad Psychonauts made it in the first round. Never played Red Faction 2 despite owning it. KOTOR and Ninja Gaiden are definitely on the list too. Black is on the list for a replay. Then there are all the games coming out this week... ugh SO MANY GAMES

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I can finally find out what all the noise on Black is about.

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Ninja Gaiden Black is not only frame-perfect as far as I can tell, it's also fucking WIDESCREEN and the textures seem like they've all been uprezzed. It's incredible. I was in the middle of getting a new logic board for my old XBOX literally just to play this game, too. This is way, way better than it needed to be.

Also, if you've never played, Sid Meier's Pirates!, absolutely play that game on any platform on which it's available. It's amazing.

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So how does popping in an original Xbox game disc work? Does it download the digital version from the store? If so, will I always need to pop in the game disc if I want to play?

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