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Didn't notice this until now after hitting the next button on the midweek madness tab. Damn you Trine 2. Ys Chronicles, Origin and The Oath in Felghana are all 66% off for midweek madness. Which should I get? Only really got the money for one right now after Steam sale.

I love the 2d art style of Chronicles, dem sprite animations look gorgeous. Not really digging the 3d style of the other games.

edit: damnit meant 66% off on title ><

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I have Origin and Oath of Felghana and like them both. I would suggest Oath of Felghana first though. It's easier to get into. You should know though that it is heavier on the action then RPG. It's a bit like the Secret of Mana game on SNES.

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Oath, probably. Origins is a lot of fun and also the earliest game chronologically. I haven't played I & II, but if you are looking to get in to the series I don't see why that would be a bad place to start. If you are only going to play one, though, Oath or Origins would be where it's at

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I've only played Origins, but I really enjoyed it. Actually put it in my top 10 of whatever year it came out.

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buy all but if you have to chose Oath.

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