Favorite get around car and season?

#1 Posted by zombie2011 (5598 posts) -

Mine is the 1997 BMW M3 which was my first car irl. However, when I want to do some hill climbing looking for barn finds or it's winter and I need a something a little less slippery I'll switch to the VW Golf R which is my current car. Living in San Francisco I don't get to enjoy driving it as much as I would like also having a stick shift in a hilly city environment can be quite annoying with the constant stop and go traffic we have.

As for seasons I would have to say Autumn, I'm a sucker for those colors. However, I spent quite a while mucking around in the Winter section of the game so when I finally transitioned into Spring the contrast between grey/white colors of Winter and well all the colors of Spring was jaw dropping. I kinda forgot the game could look so vibrant! It makes Spring a very close second place.

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Datsun. Upgraded to S2. It's a sleeper car in races as well. No one suspects it to do as well as it does.

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Lmao I also chose the m3 because retro nostalgia and I’m basic as fuck BUT that being said, you HAVE to check out the tuning setups people uploaded. It made the M3 much more readable in terms of handling. Definitely my favorite so far after the tune up.

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@moderp said:

Lmao I also chose the m3 because retro nostalgia and I’m basic as fuck BUT that being said, you HAVE to check out the tuning setups people uploaded. It made the M3 much more readable in terms of handling. Definitely my favorite so far after the tune up.

I think eyeballing the crowdsourced tunes will always lead you to a superior configuration for any car. At least that's been my experience, as someone who only slaps upgrades on cars but doesn't tinker with settings.

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I currently am enjoying my TVR (one of the few cars that, being British, is actually RHD...) with pearlescent paint that matches my incredibly ugly outfit. Autumn is probably my favourite season for the colour of the trees.

You'd think that after having two games where everyone drives on the left they could have at least bothered to make the cars RHD though.

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Nissan Skyline with the 2 fast 2 furious paint job.

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Audi Quatro + hillclimb mod classic ugly ass looking car with massive performance and the best sounds in the game, i just love this car in every forza game, the sounds it makes is just AMAZING! Also the PEEL P50 with the kinder egg skin tuned up to S1 undrivable but brilliant.

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#8 Posted by hnke (189 posts) -

The 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX drives amazingly well, it’s fast and does exactly what you want it to.

Worst car is probably the Alfa Romeo Giulia FE that I won. It redlines the instant you hit the gas and loses grip even if you feather it. It has to be babied so much to even stay on the road that it’s almost useless.

#9 Posted by imhungry (1127 posts) -

For all around driving I've been favouring the '98 Impreza, really a fantastic car all around. Also enjoying the many horrendous paint jobs available.

#10 Posted by Darkaileron (188 posts) -

My ride around cars are an A class Stingray for leisurely strolls, and a superb, glossy red Huracan for when I'm waiting for Forzathon/looking for speed traps. I'll take out my Subaru WRX from time to time, so I can get on those muddy roads.

I like the summer, I don't like how often rain happens in the other seasons.

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I really like the Nissan GTR a lot. Wish I could own one IRL. I also really like the Ford Focus Hoonigan legendary model.

Favorite season is probably Autumn or Spring because of the colors. Winter is cool to race in for some variety but I'm not a huge fan of how it makes a lot of the sport cars so much tougher to drive.

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In every Horizon game that has it since the barn find in the first one I love the 1992 Bugatti, I haven't unlocked it in this game yet, but you make cash fast in this game. That's my current big goal. I spend the most time in the Focus from the opening at the moment, but I've really still been trying all the cars out. As far as seasons go, Fall is definitely my favorite, although I was surprised how winter ended up being. I wasn't a huge fan of blizzard mountain after a while the excess snow just wasn't my thing. It's not fun spinning out the exotic cars all the time, driving them is one of the main draws of the game (I'll never get to actually drive one). This seems more balanced with less white out all the time, still my least favorite though.

#13 Posted by Casepb (709 posts) -

Right now I just use a nissan GTR, autumn is pretty cool, I can't stand winter.

#14 Posted by Gnorbooth (300 posts) -

So far, really liking Autumn with it's colors and little bits of weather here and there that add a little variety without effecting the car handling too much.

For bombing around said season, that 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast that is in this week's Forzathon shop is a beastly automobile that brought up to X level satisfies all quotients from what I want in a car. Looks good, handles well while bombing around above 220mph, brakes on a dime and I can kick the back end out and wrap around a turn in a way that always feels great. The ole' reliable Audi Sport Quattro is my go to for when I need to get a little muddy.

Also cool to see that all of the Hospital Records drum n' bass tracks were all created for the game instead of a more traditional compilation radio station. Kudos to those artists and I might get the soundtrack when it releases separately.

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Very early impressions are that the S class 05 Suby STI you can choose is really good. It's already upgraded, just needs a good tune. The STI or the Focus RS are my favs so far for just finding stuff or accumulating skill points. Other notables: The Baja Bug is surprisingly great...it's laughably arcade and the exhaust note is placeholder, but very fun to race the cross country stuff nonetheless. The Hyundai Veloster N is quite good stock. Just added max width rubber and it handles very predictably. The Chiron seems to drive and handle quite well even w/all of it's 1500 hp. The stock GT350R is a handful and pretty damn loose but maybe after some added grip and tunable suspension it will get better. Looking forward to upgrading the 02 GTR V-Spec to at least A class; should be a beast. Btw, that 'Upgrade Heroes' info box is a great addition. Been quite a while since I played 3...seems new to me.

I like all the seasons and the winter traction is much better than in the FH3 DLC. The variety of the changing environmental conditions only adds to the depth and fun.

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Can't believe none of you pick the stock Peel P50. Such a great car for completing all those speed traps and driving between events!

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#17 Posted by Casepb (709 posts) -

Just got a 2015 Range Rover and I'm loving it. It made winter much less annoying and goes so damn fast with the upgraded tune. Don't need roads when you got this thing.

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I won that Ford RS200 Evolution from one of the Showcases and it's been my go-to ever since.

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Miata MX-5 probably as I have foregone getting one IRL and it would have been silly for me to get two cars (maybe).

Not sure about season yet.

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The Subaru WRX, mostly because I can't afford one IRL and a guy can dream :)

#21 Posted by isomeri (3122 posts) -

I've mainly been using the RS200 Evolution or Agera RS to get around between events. The RS200 is a great all-around off-roader with decent road speed as well and the Koenigsegg is just a rocket on the straights, letting me shoot across the map very fast indeed.

As far as seasons are concerned I've really been digging autumn with it's colorful trees and such, but I'm also waiting for winter to roll back around. Driving in the slippery stuff is always good fun.

#22 Posted by p4r4digm (24 posts) -

I absolutely fell in love with the '92 Honda NSX-R from the autumn weekly. Have it in A class with a high grip tune that completely destroys even unbeatable drivatars in road races. Very fun little car.

Ive been playing around with trying to find an S1 road car that fits my playstyle and I think I've settled on a specific tune of the Lotuse Elise GT1. Corners great at speed.

Dragging at 280mph in the koenigsegg is of course also great fun

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