DLC Car imports?

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#1 Posted by Farbelowaverage (62 posts) -

Is there any chance of having DLC cars from previous games import in? As much as I understand the complications involved in something like this, I'd really like to see something like the Rock Band series album import feature.

Not unlocking them in your garage, mind you, I don't want to interrupt the flow of the game; just making them unlockable over the course of the game.

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#2 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

While that would be awesome (I'd love to import an AMC Gremlin, Ford Pinto, or GMC Vandura into the game), I don't see any chance of that happening between Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon. In fact, it looks like a few of the Horizon DLC cars are going to be cars that were standard fare in Forza 4 (e.g., the Season Pass-exclusive Miura).

It's a shame, really, although not all that surprising with the complications you hint at.

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#3 Posted by asantosbr (194 posts) -

And they would loose the chance of charging you for the same cars all over again??

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#4 Posted by HouseofBoost (6 posts) -

All I know is if my 2006 Pontiac gto isn't in there I'm not going to be a happy gear head..

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#5 Edited by plato84 (93 posts) -

So disappointed in the Cars avaliable in this game. Where the hell are my Porsches?

Not to mention Shelby, Holden, and the Toyota Celica?

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#6 Posted by vaportra1l (286 posts) -

They don't have the Porsche license for this game, EA owns it still. Maybe they'll do a Porsche pack if they can negotiate something like they did with FM4, but who really knows.

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#7 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

Actually, Turn 10's already confirmed that they're not going to pursue a Porsche sub-license from EA for Horizon, so unless that changes, it's unlikely we'll see any non-RUF 911s.

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