Steering Wheel for PC

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After watching the Quick Look of this I think I might really want a steering wheel. Got an ideal desk set-up where the steering wheel would be able to just snap right on in-front of the TV. The only thing is I'm not sure how often I would actually use it (I feel like the novelty would wear off eventually), so can anyone recommend a decent PC steering that's not too expensive? I'm not wanting a force feedback ultra realism thing,but just a competent wheel for using now and again.

tl;dr : cheap and good steering wheel for PC.

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logitech DFGT

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If you have one of those xbox 360 wireless adapters you can use the 360 racing wheel with your PC.

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What? A Forza game is coming out on PC?

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I have a Logitech PS2/PS3 wheel, which also works on PC... a shame if Forza never comes out on PC :(

But to answer your question: Yes I believe it is worth it. Made me appreciate racing games so much more.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

What? A Forza game is coming out on PC?

It's not. I don't know why this thread is on the Horizon board.

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Don't buy a racing wheel.

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Hmm not sure why I thought horizon was coming for the PC... oh well I would still find another game to use it for.

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