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#1 Edited by trace (3741 posts) -

The Giant Bomb Forza Horizon Car Clubs


Are you going to get Forza Horizon? Do you want to compete and drive with a bunch of other Giant Bomb dudes? You should join our clubs, then!

Here's what joining either club will get you:

Giant Bomb

  • [GB] before your name in-game, showing you're part of the club.
  • The use of our shared club garage to store and access awesome cars.
  • Invites every Tuesday night for the Hoondown (and any Horizon Race Night). This totally died off, sorry.
  • The ability to easily monitor and challenge Rivals times from other members.

Giant Bomb Team Two

  • [GB2] before your name in game, showing you're the hipper version of Giant Bomb that used to play music videos before resorting to marathons of Bully Beatdown.
  • The use of a shared club garage to store and access awesome cars.
  • The ability to invite anyone else in the club to a lobby, sparing you from lonely nights (hopefully).
  • Rivals for rival challenges.
  • Less restrictions and the ability to talk behind the first club's back.
  • Priority invites when space opens up in the first club.

How to Join

With the exception of VIPs and Staff, the path to the first club may involve going through Team Two.

This could take a while. Bear with us!

To join our crews, you'll need to to the following:

  1. Play Forza Horizon. Seriously, the game won't let me send out club invites to anyone who hasn't played yet. Do this first!
  2. Post in this thread that you want to join, including your gamertag in your message.
  3. Be ready to accept an invite to one of our clubs in-game. Check your messages in Forza Horizon every few days. You should see a club invite pop up there, provided we haven't reached capacity (again).
  4. Be patient. Managing the club is no longer a high-priority matter, since the game's a few months old. Therefore, invites may take a while. Sorry about that.

Booting Inactive Members

Once the 100-member limit for a club is reached, I have to find a way to boot inactive members out. The only reasonable way to do this is through monitoring 1000 Club activity. It's not exactly fair, but it's better than my failed attempt to monitor multiplayer activity.

This likely won't be followed all that closely, but consider the following rule when joining the club:

Members who are inactive in the main club for more than 30 days may be removed to make room for users waiting to join.

The order of removal will be based on length of inactivity and (rarely) on level of contribution in times and cars. Giant Bomb staff will never be booted, and a few long-term Forza Race Night members will be immune, as well, as thanks for helping our community remain strong.

Car Sharing

The club garage in Forza 4 held 200 cars. I expect Horizon's to be the same. That means you should be able to share a car or two without clogging up anyone else's space. Please consider the following points, though:

  • Barn finds aren't going to be that rare. Don't worry about sharing them to the club garage.
  • While sharing unicorn cars is awesome, make sure somebody else hasn't shared the very same unicorn. We don't need duplicates unless your car is way more awesome.
  • Unless there are rivals events that have non-PI criteria, please make sure any cars you're going to share are at the top PI in their class. Stock cars are utterly useless.

If the garage reaches capacity, I'll remove the most unused and unnecessary cars, followed by the least awesome should we still be struggling for space.

Using Shared Cars

Normally, you can use cars from the club garage online and in rivals/leaderboard events. To use them in singleplayer free roam, do the following:

  1. Go to the car club station at the festival, and select club garage.
  2. Choose the car you want to drive, and select View Car.
  3. Once you're looking at the car, choose Test Drive. You'll reload to Colorado in the car.

Finally, Your Mission

If you join the car club, I expect you to enjoy Horizon and rep our club well. That shouldn't be too hard, right?

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#2 Posted by mfpantst (2656 posts) -

Once I get and play the game, count mfpantst down

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#3 Posted by ObsideonDarman (830 posts) -

Hopefully should get the game a bit earlier than Friday so until then. Add me. My Gamertag is Gary Joe.

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#4 Posted by Demoskinos (17363 posts) -

Count me in. GT: Demoskinos Also what the hell is a unicorn car?

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#5 Posted by UberExplodey (1010 posts) -

Count me in!

GT: UberExplodey

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#6 Edited by Brighty (276 posts) -

Just preordered it from Amazon with one day shipping, really looking forward to playing this and getting involved with the community, count me in.

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#7 Posted by Chaser324 (8326 posts) -

Amazon just shipped it, so I'm down. Now that I've got a setup where I can stream my 360 to Twitch, maybe I'll do that too.

G/T: Chaser324

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#8 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

Also what the hell is a unicorn car?

Every Forza since Motorsport 2 (I think) has a couple of cars that can only be earned through community contests or participation in special events. They can't be purchased normally, they can't be traded, and they're usually rare variations on models already in the game. Because of that, they've earned the nickname of unicorn cars, since it's rare to see one in action.

The Saleen S5S Raptor has been named as one of the unicorn cars in this game, and it'll be gifted to anyone who plays in the first week, according to Turn 10.

@Chaser324 said:

Now that I've got a setup where I can stream my 360 to Twitch, maybe I'll do that too.

A streamed Race Night would be amazing. Just sayin'.

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#9 Posted by Demoskinos (17363 posts) -

@PsEG: Oh, nice! Thanks for clearing that up I really haven't played much of forza outside of the bit of Forza 3 I've played and I got that free with my 360 so this is my first Forza game I'm actually buying. =D

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#10 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -


Gamertag: Rolyatkcinmai (I'm on your friends list already)

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#11 Posted by icytower38 (554 posts) -

The demo convinced me, I'm putting myself in for this: icytower38

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#12 Posted by cruxking (212 posts) -

race night always seemed interesting, and seeing as i'm going to be buying the game tomorrow i may as well join in. My gamer tag is "Crux King II" the "II" being uppercase i.

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#13 Posted by mfpantst (2656 posts) -

@Rolyatkcinmai: thats is resolved. I put in a friend request to you

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#14 Posted by Nat3TheGreat13 (270 posts) -

My order from Amazon has shipped so I should have my copy tomorrow. Count me in!

GT: Nat3TheGreat13

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#15 Posted by j3ffro919 (277 posts) -

My copy gets here tomorrow, hook it up!

Starburns Lives

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#16 Posted by wrathofconn (1505 posts) -

Whenever the game shows up, count me in, see you at race night, etc.

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#17 Posted by HouseofBoost (6 posts) -

Count me in GT: FoxRiders4Life cya on the asphalt.

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#18 Posted by Demoskinos (17363 posts) -

Been playing the demo tonight to get hype. Man, the 2013 viper is so fucking rad. I'm glad we get that thing for just playing the demo.

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#19 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

I'll be picking up the game tomorrow so add me when you can. Hoping to get it when I get off work in the afternoon.


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#20 Posted by MrTGOD558 (3 posts) -

Joining the club!! Gt: Mr TGOD559

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#21 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

Heads-up, everyone. The club's created. Just like Forza Motorsport 4, our club tag is [GB]. I imagine someone in Europe must be irritated we keep getting that.

Anyways, I'm planning to send out the first invites about ten hours from now in a certain order, but I'm being a little cautious since the first person I invite that joins the club becomes a co-leader. It's not much responsibility if it's anything like Forza 4, but if memory serves, they get spammed with additional messages about requests to join that might be annoying.

Oh, and on that. I've left requesting to join the club on, which means you can fire a request for an invite at the club in-game. I still want you to post in here if you want to join, though, since it makes it much easier to know you're an actual user. We had a few issues in 4's club where I may have sent invites to people who had no clue what Giant Bomb was all about. They just typed in GB when prompted. Like I said, there's probably someone furious across the pond right now.

Anyways, invites in the near future forthcoming. Anyone who's posted before this message is fine. In fact, anyone who posts after will probably be fine, too! That is, unless this thread gets over a hundred requests before I wake up in the morning. I'd run around screaming in sheer terror and excitement at that point.

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#22 Posted by bryantswan (2 posts) -

gt: Fanatic Lant3rn

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#23 Posted by Mister_V (2382 posts) -

GT: sgkillfest

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#24 Edited by RoyaleWifCheese (594 posts) -

GT: RoyaleWifCheese

Should have the game the day it comes out. :D

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#25 Posted by osuzoo08 (97 posts) -

count me in already played 3 hrs of it Gt: OSUZOO08

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#26 Posted by Straus (4 posts) -

GT: Straus

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#27 Posted by beef_daddy (103 posts) -

GT: Beef Daddy

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#28 Posted by j3ffro919 (277 posts) -

Interesting note PsEG, thanks for the heads up. And apparently I need more sleep, took me a few seconds to put together why someone across the pond would be upset over our nabbing the GB tag. :{

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#29 Posted by Jace (1154 posts) -

@PsEG: I'd like to join. GT: FastZebra7

Thanks :).

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#30 Posted by ColdsnapBryan (266 posts) -

Hi, I would like to join. New to the genre and have a speed wheel + game coming today. I'm also planning on learning how to use a clutch through this game.. so that should be fun.

GT - ColdsnapBryan

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#31 Posted by darkjohnny47 (199 posts) -

sign me up. gamertag: johnny5x47. thanks

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#32 Edited by trace (3741 posts) -

OK, now that Jugnutts has accepted a co-leader spot, I'm starting to cycle through this list and send club invites. As a reminder, there's a reason why I said step 1 was to play Forza Horizon...

No Caption Provided

...because I'll get this error otherwise. Don't fret if this happens! You're just going to be temporarily passed up for people who do have the game.

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#33 Posted by Demoskinos (17363 posts) -

Invite accepted. And holy shit I loaded up the game and suddenly the game is like YO HERE IS ALL THESE CARS WE ARE GIVING YOU. I...don't know why it gave me all of them but... uh... cool? I have some dope ass cars now for free I guess. >_> Now lets crank that dubstep and drive some carz!

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#34 Posted by scinbed (11 posts) -

I'd like to join! Will be playing the shit out of this game.

GT: Scinbed

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#35 Posted by Darklight (222 posts) -

Just bought the game and payed for gold! I always thought that the giant bomb community of Foza seem great and it almost made me buy Forza 4 a couple of time.So I finally take the jump and wish to join! :)

GT: MythicEcho

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#36 Posted by Jace (1154 posts) -

@PsEG: Thanks for the invite. I uploaded a fully tuned GT-R and a playground-spec and custom painted evora s to the car club. If you need me to remove them let me know.

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#37 Posted by Dragracer757 (2 posts) -

I wanna join the club just got forza horizon today my gt : alpochino

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#38 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

@Jace: The club garage is for sharing awesome cars, so that's no issue whatsoever. I'll start removing cars should it get too cluttered, but given it probably has a 200-car capacity, we're a long ways away from that.

Plus, since loaner cars have replaced the ability to choose any car stock in multiplayer, filling the club garage with a variety of well-tuned cars is helpful.

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#39 Posted by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

I will boot it up as soon as I get home, roughly 4.30 PST today!

GT: Player Piano

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#40 Posted by Jace (1154 posts) -

@PsEG: Okay, sounds good. I won't upload more than one car for each license. I'm a big tuner, so if I make something interesting, I'll throw it up. I'm also taking requests if anyone wants something particular. Should have an Aventador J by the end of the day.

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#41 Posted by vaportra1l (286 posts) -

Hey duders, got my LCE, I am in.

GT: Vaportra1l

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#42 Posted by Christian1972 (7 posts) -

Joining the Car Club Christian1972

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#43 Posted by MrBojanglees (2 posts) -

I want to join! GT: MrBojanglees

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#44 Posted by lao113 (2 posts) -

GT: Discotex

I've applied ingame, I'm just looking for a big club with people to hang out with and whatnot.

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#45 Posted by Bail1200 (2 posts) -

I have the game now so heres my GT: Bail1200

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#46 Posted by admachina (217 posts) -

Interested in joining

Gamertag: Andrew Machina

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#47 Posted by Carac (55 posts) -

I'm game. Gamer tag: Carac

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#48 Posted by Inf225 (513 posts) -

Sign me up! GT: MeanBadOrange

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#49 Posted by crimsinf (157 posts) -

I requested to join in game. Really happy to be excited for a Forza game again. I'm CCforUA in the game, by the way.

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#50 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1330 posts) -

GT is Fictional Doctor

super loving this game so far!

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