Giant Bomb Forza Race Night: Thursdays, 10:30 PM ET

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Giant Bomb Forza Race Night

Starts every Thursday Night at 10:30 PM ET (7:30 PT)

Runs until people get tired (usually 1 AM - 2 AM ET)

Click here to see when we start in your time zone.

We started with Forza Motorsport 3 on November 5th, 2009. We've been racing together every Thursday since. Now, we move on to Forza Motorsport 4.

Do you like racing cars? Do you like doing stupid stuff with cars? Do you want to do any or all of that with the Giant Bomb community? If so, you should join us.

Hosted by PsEG.

How To Join

By Car Club

  1. Be a member in the Giant Bomb car club. Find more info on that here.
  2. When Forza Race Night starts, you will be spammed with game invites from PsEG's gamertag, Peace Egg (and perhaps others). Join in once they go out!

By Gamertag

  1. If you aren't in our car club or can't join it (perhaps you're in a club with close friends), send a friend request to GiantBomb Forza before we're running. Invites will be accepted once a week, right before I start up Race Night.
  2. Once Forza Race Night starts, either wait for an invite, or attempt to join the lobby Peace Egg is running.

What To Expect

While we're mostly about racing, we do have a few other game modes we've conjured up over the years that are fun.

Some of these games might be paraded out on any given night:

  • DRIFTING: The SEAT Leon SuperCup and Volkswagen Beetle once ruled this mode. Will that continue?
  • CAR SOCCER: Now it's an official game mode in Forza 4. We might bring our old version back at times, though! That would involve placing a tiny car in the middle of a straightaway, with two teams attempting to boot it into their opponent's shed.
  • CLUNKER PUSHING: Requires teams of two. One person is a clunker, an already-slow car with 75% of their horsepower and some of their grip taken away. The other person is a pusher, a faster vehicle with no such handicaps. First clunker to make it to the finish wins. It's like Cat & Mouse except more awesome. Typically done on a section of Fujimi Kaido's Old Hill Climb.
  • VIRUS TAG: So basic, it's inherently supported by Forza! One person starts as 'it'. When another person is tagged, he or she also becomes it. Repeat until everyone has been tagged and far too many references to lizardmen have been uttered.
  • FLAGPOLE RACING: One person is a flagpole. Everyone else is racing stock models of a specific car (Zondas, usually). Every time you encounter the flagpole, regardless of where it is on the track, you have to drive a circle around it before continuing on. The flagpole may move between laps.
  • COASTING: Always starts at the top of Fujimi Kaido. Manual w/clutch (of use of clutch/neutral otherwise) mandatory. When going down the old side, everybody stays in first gear until the peak of the second hill. At that point, let off the gas, hold in the clutch (or shift to neutral if you have a fancy setup), and coast down the remainder of the mountain. First one to the bottom wins. In the rare event we coast down the new side of Fujimi Kaido, hold in the clutch at the first right-hander where you see red arrows on the wall.
  • ANYTHING ELSE: Expect the unexpected. I am always willing to try new things out, provided there's a good way for determining a winner in-game.

The Rules

Pretty simple, much like Giant Bomb's rules: Don't be a dick. So far, we haven't had any issues with this, but allow me to elaborate with suggestions that will greatly help everyone's experience:

Don't intentionally crash others during races.

Accidents happen -- quite frequently, in fact -- but please don't intentionally slam into other players. A little bumping here and there is discouraged, but sometimes it happens despite our best efforts to avoid it.

It's worth noting that sometimes we'll throw this rule out the window, and that it never applies during modes like clunker pushing and flagpole racing. Generally, if you haven't been told that a race is full-contact, you should try to avoid any contact.

If you do end up blatantly taking someone out by accident and get past them as a result, it's considered good manners to give them the position back. This doesn't always mean stopping on track, which we've learned can be pretty dangerous, but if you see them in your rear-view mirror driving at speed again, slowing down and letting them pass is a nice gesture.

Be mindful of the voice chat.

With up to 16 people, there's going to be a lot of potential voice chat going on, and for the first time, it's very unlikely we'll be using party chat at all. Do keep in mind that sometimes I'll ask for race suggestions or someone will try to explain game modes to newbies in the lobby. Chattering over this sort of stuff only delays the fun times. Don't delay the fun times!

In addition, if someone's headset is acting up, most especially with echoes or high-pitched squeals, we'll ask you to try and fix it ASAP, since that almost completely prevents us from communicating with one another. It's highly frustrating. Usually, unplugging or muting the headset until you can deal with it is a good temporary fix if you're in the midst of racing when this crops up.

Other Things You Should Know

If you want to join, JOIN.

Don't mull over whether we have enough room or anything. That's a thing of the past. With 16 spots, I doubt Race Night will ever stay full for long. Therefore, if you want to play with us, newcomer or otherwise, you should join. Period. Dot. Full stop.

We don't care about skill level.

Sure, there's a few of us who are pretty darn fast, but that's not everyone. Our fields are full of people with widely varying skills, and as long as you're willing to understand that racing's not always about finishing first, but finishing well, you should have a great time with us.

We don't mind if you're late.

Seriously. As long as we have open spots (and we will have open spots), we're looking for people until the end of Race Night. If you can only make it to Race Night an hour in, then that's more than fine.

You don't need any cars or DLC, but having a car for each class and the DLC tracks would be nice.

The car suggestion is for your own enjoyment, as having to race uncompetitive cars is rarely fun. The DLC track thing just lets us do some sillier game modes, but it's not required. Car DLC is never required, but it'd be nice if you could download the free car from each pack, since that should allow you to see all the cars from that pack. Not being able to see when somebody uses a Ford Raptor detracts from the experience, trust me.

Have fun! That's what we're here for.

You're not going to become the next big name professional race car driver through Race Night, so just relax and try to have fun.

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#2 Edited by trace (3741 posts) -
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#3 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

The anticipation is killing me.


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#4 Posted by slowbird (1911 posts) -

The IGN review has me so fucking psyched up for this.

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#5 Posted by jello44 (45 posts) -

@slowbird: I know, I got a boner reading it.

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#6 Posted by HadesTimes (956 posts) -

Definitely in if my copy of Forza 4 arrives in time otherwise, next Thursday for sure!

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#7 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

And so, it begins!

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#8 Posted by pakx (981 posts) -

oh yeah motherfuckers we on that next shit

see you guys tuesday morning.

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#9 Posted by gatehouse (933 posts) -

Dang living in cold, rainy Britannia. Would love to join y'all but the orbit of the earth prevents me.

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#10 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Man I'm gonna have to travel so incredibly far to get this game if the closest store is sold out. But if they open at 10, I'm leaving my house by 9:30, Tuesday will be a glorious day.

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#11 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

Thursdays at 10:30 are perfect! I should be able to make it most nights, with the exception being the rare occasion where I work an early shift, usually 6am, the next day. I would show up anyway, but I've recently been reminded of how great a good night of sleep is!

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#12 Posted by beef_daddy (103 posts) -

RACE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

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#13 Posted by Jugnutts (448 posts) -

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#14 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

Went through Turn 10's post about the LCE on their site again, and it looks like we get a BMW theme with the LCE. Was hoping for a Top Gear one. :(

But, to cheer everyone up:

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#15 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@ShaggyChu: That's pretty great.

Does anyone know if the collector's edition content will be available for purchase as DLC? I just can't secure a copy and I hate the idea of having... less than other people.

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#16 Edited by HayFourZee (372 posts) -

@XII_Sniper: Forza 3's LC DLC was put up for download eventually. I think somewhere around 8 mouths after the game come out. So they will probably do the same for Forza 4.

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#17 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

@HayFourZee: The VIP pass wasn't day one?

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#18 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@HayFourZee: Yeah but the stig pack of cars that came with the collector's edition was never made available for general sale, and a repeat of that would frustrate me to no end.

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#19 Posted by HayFourZee (372 posts) -

@XII_Sniper: That was not the collector's edition it was the Ultimate edition that had the Stig pack. The Ultimate edition was there game of the year version that came with all the DLC.

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#20 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

@XII_Sniper: The Stig's Garage car pack didn't come with the LCE, it came with the Ultimate Edition earlier this year. They did tons of online stuff to make it available for those that didn't want to spend another 40 dollars on the game. I liked them not making the pack available for everyone because it makes those cars feel special, because not everyone has them. It gives some rarity to those cars.

I doubt they'll do something similar this time around, as they're making it clear that they want all the cars in the game available to everyone and let people choose how they want to pay for them (in game credits or real money).

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#21 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@ShaggyChu: @HayFourZee: Okay that makes more sense. Still kinda bothered me that they never went public with them

Sure they had a sense of rarity, but it's not like I could appreciate the rarity from where I'm sitting. I plain don't have them.

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#23 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

For those who are still anxiously anticipating their copy of Forza Motorsport 4 tomorrow, here's an audio experience I found while browsing around the Interwebs (which means have your speakers on and ready):

That sound. THAT SOUND. I don't know if it's accurate to the vehicles, but it's fucking beautiful.

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#24 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (2027 posts) -

I'll definitely be there (tried to get in last week, but already full). GO FORZA!

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#25 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

Driving playlist is ready, and so is my body.

Loading Video...
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#26 Posted by Jugnutts (448 posts) -

Happy Forza Day everyone!!

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#27 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

@Jugnutts: Stop teasing us Europeans. *sadface*

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#28 Edited by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Muahahah the game is here, glorious glory!

See y'all on the tracks.

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#29 Posted by beef_daddy (103 posts) -

Season Pass Purchased, Picking up the game at Lunch!!!!!!

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#30 Posted by trace (3741 posts) -

Our car club is created! I'll send invites out tonight, once a bunch of you are online and show up in Forza's ranks.

It says the first person I invite will automatically become co-leader, so this may end up being a race between Pax and Keval. We'll see!

...also, I'm pretty excited. There's a lot here for us. All waiting here. No, I'm not hypnotized by Clarkson-uttered PR lines. What makes you think that?

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#31 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Downloading these car packs and installing the game is too tense!

Look forward to the club opening, we should run a few races later tonight (especially since I'm out of town thursday).

This game has a Prius... I -really- want to use those as the victims for clunker pushing. It's a piece of crap and deserves whatever those A class cars have coming to it.

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#32 Posted by Jugnutts (448 posts) -

Anyone else pre-order from Best Buy? I went and picked up the game but sadly had to come back to work. Looking at the contents of the box i dont see the 1M BMW code. Is it part of the other codes included or do i need to call Best Buy and cause a ruckus?

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#33 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

@Jugnutts: They should have given you a separate code. If they didn't give you a card, check your receipt. I know that Game Stop starting putting those type of codes on them.

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#34 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@Jugnutts: When I was picking the game up at gamestop, I noticed all the pre-order Alfas were kept as a separate piece of paper with the code on it. Cashier shoulda given it to you.

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#35 Edited by Jugnutts (448 posts) -
@ShaggyChu: @XII_Sniper: Yeah i checked my receipt. According to BBs site the code comes "in package". I did give BB a call and I am awaiting the call back.
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#36 Posted by Jugnutts (448 posts) -
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#37 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

@Jugnutts: Worst case scenario, just go back to the store after work or tomorrow, show them your receipt, and have them give you a code. Unless they put another layer of shrink warp over it, I don't really see how it could be packaged in.

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#38 Posted by Jugnutts (448 posts) -
So after a second trip to BB for Beef and I we have our codes and hopefully i didn't get charged twice. ON TO FORZA!.....after work....
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#39 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

Anyone else not have their vinyl groups imported?

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#40 Posted by slowbird (1911 posts) -

Dear Microsoft Store customer,

Thanks for pre-ordering Forza 4 from the Microsoft Store.

We know you like to push the pedal to the metal. We do too. So as a special bonus, we're upgrading your order to free overnight shipping.

You should get your game Wednesday, October 12. Get ready—that adrenaline rush is coming your way.

Thank you for shopping at the Microsoft Store. Good luck, and good racing!

Thank you,
Microsoft Store


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#41 Posted by Jugnutts (448 posts) -
@slowbird: Bummer you have to wait another day though.
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#42 Edited by slowbird (1911 posts) -

@Jugnutts: Kinda, but I have stuff to do today like buy my mom a birthday present (it's already a day late!) and maybe get a haircut and then mash together one last crappy video of Forza 3 clips.



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#43 Posted by HayFourZee (372 posts) -

@ShaggyChu: Don't you have to manually tell it to import?

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#44 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

@slowbird: That's cool that they made a specific message for Forza 4 customers, rather than using a generic thing.

@HayFourZee: I do? I assumed everything came over with the profile import when starting the game.

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#45 Posted by pakx (981 posts) -
Dat Rendering.
Dat Rendering.
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#46 Posted by slowbird (1911 posts) -

pics of Fords plz? :D

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#47 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

So somehow my save is corrupt? Which is why my vinyls didn't port over. I made a thread on, but their boards are retarded and my thread hasn't been approved yet.

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#48 Posted by Falconer (2106 posts) -

I've been refreshing forums like a mad man. Looks like F4 has a severe save corruption problem, once again (how, I have no fucking clue, it's a brand new god damn save). Before anyone gets too deep into career, I recommend trying to make a vinyl group, try applying it to a car, try accessing your vinyl groups, try making a tune, try access rivals mode and post laps. Basically, do EVERYTHING once.

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#49 Posted by SerHulse (710 posts) -

Is there a chance of a Race Night with a more accessible time for us Europeans? I mean 3:30 AM is pretty damn early.

Can't wait till Friday though, see you on the track.

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#50 Posted by pakx (981 posts) -

@Hulsey90: just "friend" everyone you can in Race Night. what's ironic is that american race night started because scheduals didn't work with the OG race night which was started by a briton.

Anyway, friend us all and just look out for us hanging in a party. for the next few weeks Thursday is going to be the official race night as always but i guarantee there'll be lots of off-brand race nights going on.

in other news check out my Chevelle's badass headlight covers:

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