New Forza 4 trailer, with a touch of Top Gear

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Jeremy Clarkson voicing a beautiful trailer for Forza 4:

Endangered Species

I admit, it's a bit silly creating a new topic for a trailer that doesn't even show anything from the actual game. But it was very well made and really effective in it's intent. I thought it was a great concept and it is nice to see something new in the way och game trailers. I'm usually the cynical type and it hurts a little inside me when I realize that I have been moved by a commercial.

What's the community's take on it? Could this work as an ad on TV to raise the curiosity in non- gamers, or is it to detached from the actual product to be more than a treat for the fans?

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Wonderfully well thought out trailer. Love or hate Mr Clarkson, he does have quite the unique voice.

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Brought me to tears. Not really but still that was a pretty good trailer.

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That was a pretty nice trailer, gotta check out the demo today for FM4 = ) from what I've seen of demo so far it looks pretty damn good.

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Might even see this bit on the next Top Gear series. As a big Top Gear fan, I loved this trailer, and completely agree with the sentiment expressed. Well done, Mr Clarkson. I was on the fence - I think this this and the demo will be enough to sell me on Forza for next week.

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To start satirical: "In the world!"

Now somber: That was very emotional.

Satirical again: Dear God that was Dead Island grade of trailer emotion.

And end on somber: *near tears*.

Edit: satirical; kinda lost the mood watching the second time and he said "power", yeah I'll shutup now.

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