Racing with damage on (multiplayer)

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Ok so now that the public hoppers (and more or less all multiplayer) is working again, i suppose it's time (or is not time) to ask a question that I'm sure has been proposed a million times already:
Your thoughts/desires to race online with damage on to reduce crashing. 
We all know why one might reach this conclusion: if crashing into one another causes damage and an unlikely chance to finish a race you might not drive so recklessly, nor may others.  And the eventual retort, being that it's way easier to grief if damage is on and/or that innocent bystanders could get caught up in a wreck, or hit a spun car and knock themselves out of the race.  In that vein, It would be madness to suggest that public lobbies should have damage on.  But, what if the lobby were private?  I'd suppose that people looking in the private listings are more likely to drive carefully than the masses that just jump to the class races.  
I'm thinking that damage on racing would be nice in a private lobby.  So what do you think?  I'm going to try my hand tonight at lobby running with a circuit class-based damage on racing lobby.  You're free to join, if people come play and it works well I'll use that more often than public circuit racing.  I don't think I'll do it every night (as I don't get on forza every day) but if it goes well, I'll keep it up.  So come join if you will.  I usually start playing after my son goes to bed, so that's sometime after 9:30-10PM EST.  
Anyways, I figured rather than debate endlessly the pros and cons of running full damage, I'd just do it and see what happens. 

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assholes like to turn around on the beginning and then crash into the person that is in first or anyone that he/she can crash into.

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There are settings to prevent that. There's even settings to prevent people from just sitting there at the start.

I'm of the opinion if you are racing with people you know or it's a pretty knit group then people are going to drive as best they can. If people are intentionally crashing and being dicks, that issue needs to be handled differently. And even without damage when fender benders or accidents happen one or both cars are usually slowed up by the infractions and this is penalty enough. We don't need to add damage to the penalty as well.

Damage racing can be frustrating if you are on the receiving end. Worst case, your car gets totaled and you have to sit there for the rest of the race. And then you might as well be playing an elimination race.

I'd say try it though. Maybe it will add some excitement. But in my experience, unless you dealing with griefers, people don't mean to cause issues. Except maybe Watch out for that guy :P

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