The thing with headtracking...

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Is that when I drive I don't necessarily turn my head, I just shift my eyes towards what I'm looking. Sometimes I turn my head but I doubt Forza 4 will have intersections with pedestrians. 
To be fair I haven't tried the Kinect with it but from what I saw moving your head looks weird. I understand that the tech is relatively new and that games will never replicate peripheral vision but still.... 
Do you folks think this will actually work and be cool? Is the future of games in eye tracking? Are you getting Forza 4?
Personally I'm totally excited for the game, I'll finally get a wheel and am considering the collector's edition. I might even get a kinect for this if the reviews are good. I'm ready to spend 500 dollars for this game if need be.

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I'm certain you turn your head at least a little bit when glancing left or right. They're not asking you to turn your head so much that you can no longer focus on the opposite side of the screen. Yes eye tracking is obviously the future, but so much not for changing your perspective in driving games; but more for automatically determining what you're trying to focus on in 3D applications. It's a lot less intuitive to look around with only your eyes, and have the camera change, resulting in what you were looking at not being in the center of your vision any more, than it is to, say, turn your head three degrees and have the camera turn by 15 degrees. I'm also sure there will be plenty of sensitivity options since not everybody has the same size screen or sits the same distance from it.

I'm a proponent of head tracking in driving and other first person games. However I probably won't be getting Forza 4 unless there's some kind of great wheel/kinect bundle with the game.

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It's been around for quite a long time with PC games/sims. Just look at the TrackIR.

I am super hyped for head tracking, since I have my playseat and Fanatec wheel and then I'll be able to look around when using them. F3 kinda sucked with the wheel since you can't look around as there isn't a right stick on the wheel so you couldn't look beside you while driving, or check mirrors etc...

If you preorder you can get some extra bonuses by following this:

They already gave out an RX7 spirit in Forza 3 to those people participating (unicorn car).

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Well I've never had a problem in Forza before when I've been locked to look forward while turning (well not locked but afraid to push too many button at once while moving at 100 mph).  I've only ever used the look around the cockpit controls to get an idea of where the other cars are by looking in the mirrors and out of the windows.  Being able to do that more fluidly using my head sounds like one of the most immersive things I've seen added to a racing games in a long time. 
I think that Turn 10 are hoping that you learn to turn your head when you want to look rather than move your eyes.  It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to learn, hell I'm excited for the game even if the Kinect stuff doesn't work out at all.

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