Weekly Challenge (2/26-3/3)

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So here's the idea for this thread. Each week someone will add a new challenge that the rest of the community will try to take on. The challenge will be explained, the rules will be set, and the following post will show each users' results.


Try to set the fastest lap time, through the Hot Lap game mode, around the Nurburgring (Full Circuit) with a DeLorean DMC-12.


-The Delorean must be stock (it should have a class ranking of F 177).

-Each player will have three laps to record their best time.

-Rewinds can not be used. However, any other assists can be turned on or off.

-Players can race from whatever camera position they feel the most comfortable racing from.

-Players can use whatever transmission they want.

-Players can use whatever peripheral they'd like.

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Here were my settings:

ABS = On

Steering = Simulation

Stability Control = Off

Traction Control = On

Shifting = Manual

Line = Braking Only

Rewind = Off

I used a gamepad.

Here was my fastest time (set on the 3rd lap):


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