Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel: thoughts?

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#1 Posted by FrostTee (43 posts) -

Hi all,

Just wondering what everybody thinks of it (who has purchased it), now Forza has been out a while.

My personal thoughts are that while the triggers and wheel itself work fantastic, the weak, weak rumble is almost a deal breaker. I wish they were more honest about that before launch.

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#2 Posted by ZeroKarizma (15 posts) -

Honestly... it's surprisingly not bad. I got it as a gift since I would have never purchased such a dumb looking device on my own. It works pretty well though. I'm legitimately impressed. I mean, I'm sure it's no Fanatec competitor, but I'm very happy with mine so far.

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#3 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

A wireless racing wheel seems oxymoronic but surprisingly, people think it is OK and works well.

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#4 Posted by ZeroKarizma (15 posts) -

It looks awful and should by all rights BE awful. It's really a very decent solution for people looking to dabble with a wheel, but not willing to blow $250 - $500 on the other stuff. If you can find it for $60 or so, it's definitely worth it.

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#5 Posted by Mike17032 (107 posts) -

I love the thing. No question that it improves my ability to control the car over using a gamepad. It is the first monition control I have ever used that actually makes the game easier to control instead of just stupid and gimmicky.

I am sure the force feedback wheel is even better, but I don't play the game at a desk or even on a chair. There is simply no where to put something like that for me. And when you are not using it, you have some huge setup sitting beside your chair.

I really like the wireless wheel, and if you are going to play Forza for any length of time you should at least try it out. Best Buy had a display going, that is where I found out the thing was not garbage. Might be worth checking out, and if not just buy it from there and try it out anyway.

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#6 Posted by jeremygamer (2 posts) -

I signed up for the site to respond to this. That, and the guys at Giant Bomb are cool.

I have the wireless wheel, it's mostly great.

Tried it out at the Best Buy demo, and I kind of sucked with it. The wheel won't correct towards the center like a joystiq or real wheel, so I was doing weird stuff coming out of turns. Otherwise it seemed responsive, so that was promising. And after going online to look at the Amazon reviews, people were raving about it.

We have the wireless Mad Catz at work, and it's cool. I thought I was going to buy the Mad Catz until I took it home one weekend.

In practice, I opted against the Mad Catz. The pedals slipped on my faux wood floors and the rig is bulky. I don't want to store that once I get bored with Forza or lying around until then.

Plus, the MS wheel was only 50 bucks. I went that route, and I'm quite happy. I never have joystick thumb anymore and I'm fast with this thing. It takes up no room and most of all is way more fun than using a controller. I probably look like an asshole waving this thing around. Still, love it.

Only caveat is the lack of LB/RB buttons. Turning the controller off to use the AH is annoying. But again, highly recommended purchase.

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#7 Posted by vdortizo (167 posts) -

In the words of the Bombcrew "Don't buy a racing wheel"

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