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4.75 stars 4.75/5 Stars Average score of 8 user reviews spread across 7 releases and 10 DLC

Review: Forza Motorsport 4 0

Driving simulators have been around for a long time and with each iteration they get increasingly more realistic. Many gamers are turned off at the thought of navigating complex menu’s, slow player progression and often unrealistic car AI. Turn 10 studios is back hot off the success of Forza 3 with an amazing game that streamlines everything and sets the new benchmark for driving sims.Everything contained within Forza 4 is there to keep you racing. Forza 4 will not place you into races that you ...

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Forza 4 proves racing sims should be fun 0

Gran Turismo gives racing simulators a bad name. Gran Turismo 5 made car sims seem like stuffy and cumbersome beasts. Don't get me wrong; it's a good game, but it isn't a great one.Gran Turismo 5 simply isn't fun. It is too bogged down by precision and realism for the average gamer to embrace it -- and that's totally OK. A lot of gearheads are into being as detailed as possible. They build racing seat setups in their living rooms and likely have an old sports car that they drive to the store onc...

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Automobile Heaven 0

Im have never been a fan of racing games. Driving in circles around a track was never too appealing to me. That being said I took the advice of my local GameStop guru and tried my hand at Forza 3. I was instantly hooked. I loved the dedication and detail these developers put into the game. Instead of just running around a track Forza makes it about the cars. Being a fan of Top Gear as well as Forza I was instantly excited about Forza 4 like I haven't been excited about a game in a while. The gam...

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better,much better 0

First off i have two things to say.1,forza 3 was the worst arent doing themselves or anybody else any favours.Forza 4 is great improvement over its predecessor,big time better graphics,the cars seem to have more snap and theres more to the game than just going around in circles,which was all there really was to do in forza 3.What really broke forza 3 was that stupid triangle,4 has the triangle but luckily it isnt bugged,you will only get it if you have done something wrong.Also ...

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Secret's Short Reviews #003- Forza Motorsport 4 0

The problem with racing games like Forza 4 is that it is extremely difficult to take a closer look at the game without seeing the titles as being extremely similar to its precursors. Fortunately, for Forza 4, being compared with prior installments isn't a bad thing. Forza is still a vast racer, with tight controls, amazing customization, and a wide variety of game modes- ranging from hot laps, to challenges inspired by BBC's Top Gear, and (my personal favorite) Tag. It's definitely a case of "If...

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Driving Nirvana 0

Easily the best racing game ever made, hands down. It's true that there is not a whole lot new over Forza 3, but given that the game was already pushing the max of what the 360 can handle graphics wise there really doesn't need to be. Everything is just a little bit more refined and has a few better options.The amount of cars (and the detail on each one) is staggering. If you drive any kind of sporty car, there is a good chance it's in here. Even the exhaust sounds dead on for the different mode...

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The best driving game of this generation 0

I don't do driving sims. I've given them a shot, but archaic design and license tests turned me off. Forza 3 was the first driving sim that clicked with me by being accessible, and Forza 4 improves it all around. I can sink hours into this game just racing in the career mode, but the Autovista mode is a fantastic addition. Highly recommended....

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Five out of five 0

I really enjoy this game very much, but the one thing that I find to be disappointing is the lack of cars in the game, I mean there are a lot of great cars, but alot of cars in the autovista are not drivable as many of the people who own the game can tell, I just wish that in Forza five they make alot more cars drivable, other than that minor complaint, I really love the game....

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