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In Foto Flash, the player protagonist is tasked to go out and get pictures of girls, to save the pin-up magazine they are employed at. These models are spread across the central beach town in the game. Each girl requires a series of objectives, such as various fetch quests, before they agree to a softcore picture. That picture can then be delivered to the protagonist's boss. The beach town has light puzzle elements scattered in its level design, such as a hedge maze.

There is some explicit nudity in Foto Flash, which can be censored optionally with little heart icons. Illustration art in the game was drawn by French comic artist, Raphaelle Marx (@Rafchu on Twitter).

While the game resembles the popular RPG Maker development tools, and is tagged in Steam as such, Foto Flash is actually made with Gamemaker Studio 1.4. There are a total of 16 Steam achievements, with 2 of them hidden.

Pin-up Girls

There are ten women to get pictures from in total in Foto Flash. Every girl has a differing amount of steps to complete, before they pose for a picture. Here is the list of the girls:

  • Clef: Red-eyed redhead with two buns and an Asian flair
  • Cymbelle: Teal-eyed girl with ponytails, tied with a purple ribbon
  • Xyla: Smartly dressed brunette with a short bob and glasses
  • Flam: Sporty girl with a ginger ponytail and an orange cap
  • Ukelela: Girl with a blonde afro and huge yellow glasses
  • Midi: Cat girl with long violet hair
  • Violina: Cherub girl with long pink hair and heart eyes
  • Synthia: Starry-eyed girl with short blue hair and a star hairpin
  • Keytara: Fedora-wearing girl with purple hair and several earrings
  • Trompette: Long-haired ginger with a goggle headband

Time Trial

Aside from progression and collection achievements, there is one achievement tied to completing all photos under a certain amount of time. The timer can be prolonged by picking up clocks in the game world.


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