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    Control point map in Team Fortress 2. Officially added to the game during the Australian Christmas update.

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    Foundry is a symmetrical map featuring "Standard Control Point" gameplay, meaning that both teams are attempting to capture all five points at the same time, in contrast to Dustbowl or Gravel Pit where one team attacks and the other defends.

    Foundry also has twelve map-specific achievements. Unlocking at least seven of these will grant the player the Full Head of Steam hat.

    Foundry Achievements

    Cap Trap

    Kill an enemy who is capturing a control point with a critical hit.

    Claim Jumper

    Capture a control point within 12 seconds after exiting a teleporter.


    Get one or more kills as all nine classes in one round.

    The Crucible

    Win 137 Rounds.

    Dead Heat

    Play through a back-and-forth battle for 15 control point captures.

    Five the Fast Way

    Capture the final control point within five seconds of your team capturing the previous control point.

    Foundry Force Five

    Play in a game with five or more players from your Friends list.

    Foundry Milestone

    Achieve 7 of the achievements in the Foundry pack.

    Raze the Roof

    Kill two people on the roof of the center control point in a single life.

    Real Steal

    Win a round in which the enemy team has attempted to capture your final control point.

    Terminated, Too

    Kill a player by pushing them into the cauldron fire.

    Two Minute Warring

    Be part of a team that wins within two minutes.

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