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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 07, 2008

    Set in 2161, global warming has caused the U.S. to split into two. Fracture tells the story of Jet Brody, a soldier for the Atlantic Alliance (the former East Coast), as he fights the Republic of Pacifica (the former West Coast) led by former Alliance General Sheridan.

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    The year is 2161 and the United States has become divided between two ideologies. In the eastern U.S. is the Atlantic Alliance, a group that believes the cure to global warming is cybernetic engineering. In the west, the Republic of Pacifica has turned to human genetic engineering to curb the bodily effects of global warming. You play as Jet Brody, formerly Mason Briggs, a foot soldier and demolitions expert for the Atlantic Alliance. Throughout the game, you'll progress from San Francisco down along the coast of California, witnessing along the way the harsh ramifications of unchecked global warming. From there, you will proceed to the Southwest and witness the full-brunt of genetic engineering. Finally, you will head to Washington DC to finish the fight. Throughout the game, you will be chasing the Pacificans' secret weapon. 

    The most innovative aspect of Fracture is Jet's ability, through various weapons, to deform the environment. With these weapons Jet can raise and lower the ground (to provide cover from enemy fire or reach higher places, for instance). A Spike Grenade will cause a magma spike-tower to rise from the ground. A vortex grenade uses the Earth's gravitational pull to suck surrounding objects into a whirlwind using a vortex grenade. Jet also has conventional weapons, including the Bulldog Assault Rifle, a shotgun, and a sniper-rifle. Terrain-specific weapons include the Black-Widow, the Bangalore, and more.

    The enemies will be mostly Pacificans. Pacifican enemies will be genetically-enhanced, yet can deform terrain to a certain extent. A mini-boss shown in many demos is a Pacifican enemy that has a giant, green head. Only a headshot will kill it. Enemy AI has been a focus of Day 1 Studios.  Since the terrain is dynamic, it has served as a problem that the developers were eager to conquer.

    Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino along with Chad Seiter and Chris Tilton have composed the music for Fracture.

    Fracture was developed at Day One Studios, makers of MechAssault, and is published by Lucasarts.


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