Franco Delille

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    Franco Delille is a character from the Dead Space franchise. He is a technician working on the Sprawl during the Necromorph outbreak.

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    Dead Space: Ignition

    As the main character of Dead Space: Ignition, Franco hacks his way through the Sprawl in order to survive the initial Necromorph outbreak. After his girlfriend and co-worker Sarah dies in the chaos, he goes against orders and makes his way to a mental hospital where he knows of a man who is uniquely qualified to help.

    Dead Space 2

    Picking up immediately after Ignition, Dead Space 2 starts with Franco waking Isaac Clarke who was being kept in stasis. Trying to get Isaac up to speed, he does not notice a Necromorph Infector that quickly impales him through the torso and pierces his skull. Though succeeding in freeing Clarke, he is rapidly killed and transformed in front of him.


    • Franco is voiced by actor and director Jason DeVan.

    • Franco's physical characteristics are based off of Visceral Games producer Richard Briggs.

    • It is revealed in audio logs found in Dead Space 2 that Franco is a Unitologist. Of course, this can be assumed thanks to his association with Daina Le Guin, who is revealed in Dead Space 2 to be planning to use Isaac for a nefarious purpose on behalf of Unitology.
    • Franco has a phobia for space walking , which often interferes with his ability to do his job.
    • Depending on what story option the player chooses in Dead Space: Ignition, Franco can be consciously responsible for his girlfriend Sarah's death. In one story variation, he slips through a door and seals it behind him, leaving Sarah to die at the hands of a swarm of Necromorphs. In another, he shoots Sarah before reaching the hospital and Isaac. No matter how the story plays out, and whether or not Franco is responsible, Sarah cannot survive.

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