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    Frank Carter

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    DC Frank Carter is an officer of the Metropolitan Police. However, Carter is less about being 'by the book', and more about 'getting the job done'.

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    Carter is a police officer in London's Metropolitan Police. He is a member of the Met's elite 'Flying Squad', and plans to take down the head of the Bethnal Green Mob, one Charlie Jolson. Carter is under DCI Clive McCormack, the controller of the Flying Squad. 


    London is a city rife with gang action, as is evidenced by the story in The Getaway. Carter is the second of the two characters you play as in The Getaway. Frank's story ties in with Mark Hammond's story as well, and therefore there are occasionally missions related to each other. For example, after the mission where you torch the club as Hammond, the next chronological mission is where you arrive at the club to collect evidence and investigate.  
    As you progress through the story, McCormack kicks you off the case for an unknown reason, to which Carter replies that there is something dodgy about the operation. Soon after, McCormack is shot dead by none other than Mark Hammond, the man Carter was hoping to meet. However, Carter discovers that McCormack was a corrupt officer, and as such can see Hammond's reasoning for shooting him dead.  
    Eventually, Carter catches up with Hammond, who happens to be being held captive in a warehouse controlled by Jolson's gang. Carter sneaks through the building and finds Hammond, before passing him a pistol and helping them to both escape. The story culminates with the discovery of Jolson and a boat, where all the gangs have been invited to a 'truce'. However, after a shootout, the only survivors are Hammond, his son, Yasmin, and Carter. 

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