Frankie Goes to Hollywood

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1985

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood is an action adventure game featuring the band of the same name.

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      Frankie Goes To Hollywood has the player trying to get the four aspects (Sex, War, Love and Religion) needed to become a full person to 100% in order to reach enter the Pleasuredome. This is achieved by performing various tasks between objects in the game, playing minigames and also solving a murder mystery within the game. 
      The minigames are ZTT Room, Sea of Holes, Flower Power, The Terminal Room, War Room, Cybernetic Breakout, Shooting Gallery, Cupid's Arrows, Talking Heads and Raid Over Merseyside. Each game had to be completed perfectly in order to earn the maximum amount of pleasure points for each of the various aspects. Without this the game could not be completed fully.
      The murder mystery has you finding clues hidden in various places and then using them to eliminate potential suspects. Once all of the 23 clues have been found the killer can be accused although the identity of the killer does not change so subsequent playthroughs were identical.
      Since the game is based on a band it features 8 bit chip tunes of some of the bands music and the cassette the game came on also has a live version of one of the band's songs.
      The game is set in Liverpool since that is where the band is from and features terraced houses and other locations similar to those found in that city.


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