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    Franklin Clinton

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    The youngest of GTA V's three protagonists, Franklin is a repo man for a luxury car dealership. He begins working with Michael as a way to move up in the world.

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    Franklin Clinton is one of the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V. Straddling the line between gang life and wanting something better for himself, a chance encounter with Michael De Santa sets him on a path that has the potential to fulfill that desire.


    Of the three protagonists, Franklin is the 'wheelman'. His special ability allows him to slow down time when driving a car, making it possible to perform otherwise impossible feats of driving skill. Franklin's default car is the Buffalo, though it is based on the 2013 Dodge Charger as opposed to the older models found in traffic. Notably, his car is the only example that cannot be found or acquired through legitimate means in Grand Theft Auto: Online.

    Update: As of the 1.14 title update, (Released June 17, 2014) Franklin's Bravado Buffalo S, as well as other story mode character's vehicles can now be legitimately purchased in GTA Online via the website.


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