Franklin Paddock

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    Franklin Paddock is a soldier in the Brothers in Arms franchise.

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    Paddock is an abrupt, reckless and arrogant Kansas farmer with a strong Southern accent. When he joined the 101 Airborne Division his problems with authority ceased.  

    He first appears in Earned in Blood, seen taking out an AA crew single-handed on D-Day. Paddock later becomes part of Hartsock's 2nd Squad, acting as his assault team leader. Hartstock calls him "Mr. Deathwish”. 
    Paddock re-appears in Hell's Highway, still under the command of Hartsock and still the assault team leader. During battle at a church, a German solider ambushed Baker with a knife, Paddock saved Baker’s life by throwing the sniper out a window.  Before the big jump into Holland, Paddock made a joke about how Friar and Marsh, both fellow soldiers in 2nd squad, were going to bite it during combat. That joke unfortunately became a reality as both Marsh and Friar were indeed killed in combat in Holland, causing Paddock to regret that cursed quip he made. After a mortar seriously wounded Hartstock, Baker chooses Paddock for leader of 2nd squad instead of Corrion.


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