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Locked away in the lab of an old manor, lives Dr.Harmin, a scientist driven mad by the loss of his terminally ill son. In an attempt to replace his lost child, he becomes obsessed with the sense of power gained in creating life.

Blinded by his obsession, he fails to notice that one of his discarded experiments just happens to be what he has been seeking to create for so long.

FranknJohn awakens and escapes his faith in the basement furnace. Battling his way up through a deranged funhouse filled with unspeakable miscreations and deadly traps, he sets off on a path of self-discovery.


  • Unique Gameplay - Fling FranknJohns head around like a wrecking ball to wreak havoc
  • Dynamic Combat - Change Skullcaps to alter FranknJohns attacks and attach Plasters to modify stats
  • Random Generation - Levels are randomly generated with tonnes of collectables and secrets to find and unlock
  • Co-Op - Bring a friend along for the ride, two heads are better than one!
  • 3D Verticality - The perspective reveals rooms in the distance and deep below, enticing players to explore
  • Themed Floors - Four uniquely themed floors to battle through
  • Player Choice - Choosing to save or kill bosses will change the games outcome

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