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    Genetically mutated monsters that terrorize Pacific City's denizens. They appear in Crackdown and its sequel.

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    Freaks are an enemy type featured in the Crackdown series. They are depicted as zombie-like creatures with superhuman abilities.


    The Freaks that appear in Crackdown were failed experiments originally designed by Dr. Baltazar Czernenko to rival the Agency's finest creation - the Agents. Despite possesing unparalleled abilities in strength and speed, these experiments were rejected and housed in a Shai-Gen research facility.

    When the Agent eliminates Dr. Baltazar Czernenko, they inadvertently release the research facility's Freak populace into the city. While they only appear in Unity Heights between dusk and dawn, these Freaks are strong and fast monsters who are formidable post-game opponents, but are not particularly intelligent.

    Crackdown 2

    The Freaks in Crackdown 2 are the result of Catalina Thorne's plan to take revenge on The Agency and Pacific City for firing her after they found out she was conducting her own research. She was researching the M2448 Virus, used to create the Abominations that haunt Crackdown 2 during the night. These Freaks are engaged by The Cell, Thorne's own gang, and The Agency. Residents of Pacific City don't leave the specially created 'Safe Zones', where the Cell hold guard and the Freaks are shot on sight.


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