Fred Bonaparte

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    Fred Bonaparte is a relative of Napoleon Bonaparte in Psychonauts. Fred is the family disappointment.

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    Fred Bonaparte is a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte. He is a stereotypical French comedy character, who gives up or surrenders when any problem arises. He is fighting a mental battle with a genetic memory of his ancestor Napoleon, who believes that Fred actually has a fighting spirit in him. Fred was at one point a resident at Thorney Towers asylum for the mentally ill, but he was driven insane by losing in Waterloo repeatedly by one of the patients, Crispin.

    Fred is trapped in a straight jacket that keeps is arms at his side, and he has a teacup on each shoulder. He is constantly playing a makeshift war game wth a lawn gnome, a tire, and a teddy  bear as peices. Since his arms are constrained, he uses his feet to move the peices. When talked to, he displays multiple personalities, one being the meek and timid Fred, the other being the accented and bold Napoleon. He will alternate between begging people to free him from the straight jacket, and yelling in a deep accent at himself that he is a fool, and the uniform of his army is sacred.

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