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    Freddy Krueger

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    Freddy Krueger is a supernatural serial killer. He utilizes his ability to enter people's dreams to kill them. He has been portrayed by Robert Englund and Jackie Earle Haley.

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    The Bastard Son of a Hundred Maniacs

    A man born through terrible violence is doomed to commit such violence--at least in the case of "the bastard son of a hundred maniacs," Freddy Krueger. Freddy's mother Amanda (AKA Sister Mary Helena), a nun volunteering in an asylum for the criminally insane, was accidentally locked in the asylum one winter holiday. Amanda was repeatedly attacked and raped by the inmates, resulting in the conception of Freddy. Because of Catholic rules, Freddy was taken from Amanda and made a ward of the state.

    Freddy was adopted by an abusive man named Mr. Underwood, who beat Freddy senseless, again and again. Freddy's heritage cursed him with a fractured psyche; the excessive abuse brought on by his adoptive father sent Freddy spiraling into the depths of madness. He began to relish pain, using it, feeding on it, gaining pleasure from every cut, scrape, bruise, and gash. Years later, Freddy's sadomasochistic ways would lead him to kidnap and murder a sexually abuse several innocent children in the Elm Street neighborhood of Springwood, Illinois. Freddy was eventually captured by the police, but was quickly released due to a mistake in the arrest procedure. Angry at his release, the parents of Elm Street hunted Krueger down and took justice into their own hands, burning Krueger alive in his workshop.

    No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Freddy returned from the grave, haunting the dreams of every young boy and girl in his hometown. One by one, the children were murdered brutally while they slept. Though challenged time and time again by various teens and adults, Freddy Krueger continued to return to slice and dice those foolish enough to sleep in his territory. Freddy's reign of terror eventually wiped out every living child and teenager in Springwood, leaving the now mentally-unstable parents to waste away in their ruined lives. However, due to a set of circumstance he himself orchestrated, Krueger was brought back into our reality by his own daughter, and promptly killed.

    The parents of Springwood began to rebuild their lives, first systematically erasing every trace of evidence of Freddy's existence from their town, and swearing to never again speak the name Freddy Krueger. A new generation of children were born, and life returned to normal in all of Springwood.

    For a time, that is...

    Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch

    Sadly, the happiness found upon Freddy's death was ultimately short-lived, as Krueger discovered a way to escape Hell and begin his murderous ways anew: Jason Voorhees. Krueger manipulated Voorhees into killing the teenagers of Elm Street, forcing their parents to assume Freddy had returned. Word began to spread of Freddy's return, which inadvertently allowed Freddy to truly return, as their fear gave him the power to invade dreams once more.

    Though Freddy was once again brought out of dreams and into reality by a group of teenagers, and forced to do battle with an enraged Jason Voorhees, Freddy is once again free to return over and over, as the children of Elm Street once more whisper his name with fear and dread in their minds...

    Gaming History

    Freddy has appeared in A Nightmare on Elm Street, a video game loosely based on elements from the film franchise of the same name. Players control an unnamed protagonist who must collect Krueger's bones, so that Freddy may be permanently laid to rest. Players fight their way through Elm Street, fighting various creatures while they search for the child killer's bones, and occasionally slipping into the dream world. Here, players must confront Freddy himself and defeat him.

    Freddy also appears in the 2011 game Mortal Kombat as a downloadable character. His attacks are based on using his claws, unsurprisingly, and he performs fatalities that involve burning his victims in a furnace, and pulling them into a pool of blood which then shoots up in a geyser. This is in reference to the famous scene where Freddy kills the character played by Johnny Depp in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street.

    In his ending, Freddy cuts down Shao Kahn with his demonically enhanced blade gloves. Even though Freddy saved Earthrealm from Outworld, Nightwolf spots the evil within the Springwood Slasher and sends him back to the Dreamrealm. It would be a grave mistake. Freddy is then free to create more nightmares in Earthrealm.

    In "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare", Freddy uses a Power Glove in one of the kills. He sends a character into a video game where Freddy controls him with the Power Glove, killing him.


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