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History Gets A Facelift

This was my first-ever squad based shooter and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Freedom Fighters puts you in the role of a man fighting for his right to live free, plain and simple. The player starts as a lone solider fighting against the Reds in an alternate reality where the Soviet ideal has encompassed the entire globe... except the U.S. As the player fulfills the missions of the lone Freedom Fighter others will be inspired and lend aid to your cause. Ultimately the player will be granted (if earned) the capability to control a force of up to 12 additional soldiers. These allies prove most invaluable in your struggle for freedom.

The games' squad A.I. is pretty responsive and being able to use set-points as beacons to rally your additional forces can often be the most helpful feature of the squad. The graphics are fairly good and the sounds effects are pretty top notch. The games orchestral score can add a haunting chill to anyone who takes the time to listen. The cutscenes are very good and leave players wishing there were more of them. The most chilling being the speech given by the protagonist from atop a television studio balcony. Anyone looking for a good squad-based shooter would be a fool not to at least try this game out.

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