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Freedom Force is a US-only light-gun game that has the player select one of two counter-terrorist agents ("Rad Rex" or "Manic Jackson") and shoot various terrorists (called guerillas in-game) as they pop out from behind cover. The player must be careful not to shoot too many hostages (the game will end if five are hit) and also be aware of a box in the lower right corner that occasionally has bonus items to earn, though they disappear fast if they aren't shot and collected.

Freedom Force was among the NES games adapted for the Nintendo Vs. Arcade machine series.


"Mission: Neutralize Extremist Element! The fate of the airport is in your hands. Standing in your way are two deadly units of extremist guerillas. Four stunningly lifelike - and deadly - airport scenarios, and a climatic one-on-one duel with the most feared anarchist in the world today. Your assignment is to terminate the enemy element with extreme prejudice. You, and you alone, are freedom's last hope!"

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