Will they ever make a third?

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So I always heard good things about Freedom Force (+ sequel) and have been meaning to play them for years - I finally picked them up in the Steam sale the other week (£5 for both iirc) and I've been hooked on them since.  I have a stack of newer games waiting but ended up playing straight through FF1+2 in the last couple of weeks instead.

I just got done with 3rd Reich and can say that both games thoroughly deserve their reputation - great characters and they nailed the humour and the story, particularly in the first game.  They've aged pretty well, so don't let that put you off (the gameplay is much tighter in the second game, but slightly less satisfying as a result).

The guys that made these went on to become 2K Boston and released Bioshock, apparently they aren't making Bioshock 2 though and are working on a new IP.  With their form I'm really looking forward to seeing what they're working on - but do you think there's any hope of them ever returning to the Freedom Force franchise?  I hope they do.

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Maybe if the first two didn't absolutely tank, they would.

This is all your fault. :(
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I'm sorry :(

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The likelihood of a third installment of this game is not likely but there is a lot of freedom force skins and add-on content available for it which really increases the game and adds a lot more replayability.

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I don't think they will, the IP is not very popular (apart from us knowledgeable gamers) and enjoys more of a cult following. I think people are much more inclined to play the Marvel Alliance games, which are similar but sport a stronger license. Apart from that, I think that each generation has its paradigm of games and at the moment it seems its FPS and MMO games and squad-based tactical RPGs are not really en vogue. Look what is happening to XCOM and Syndicate, two isometric squad-based games, both are being turned into FPS games. Anyhow, I think the two FF games are great and many people are yet to discover and play them, good thing they're on Steam and GOG.

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@Ravenhoe: You realize the previous post in this thread was over 2 years ago, right?

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Just now getting in this after buying on a steam sale a while back with a bunch of other games & forgetting about it for a while. Shame that there's probably not going to be a third as it seems with the popularity of X-com Enemy Unknown & now Shadowrun Returns that people are more comfortable with the gameplay (especially if it goes turn by turn on the combat similar to these). Plus with it being comic books, if they got a good story they could easily make a third, based off few hours in both FF games I've played, I'd be down for a third even if it was a $20-30 pc launch of a smaller game with later episodes coming later like Shadowrun Returns.

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Still waiting. I'm a patient man but where the fuck is it, Levine?

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Oh wow, didn't even realise it was on Steam. I'll be sure to pick it up now, thanks!

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