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Happy Holidays! Enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial of Giant Bomb Premium!

A gift from you.

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It's that time of year again! The mistletoe bedecks yon fair hearth, the NFC East looks like that guy who got splashed with toxic waste in RoboCop, the mulled wine vs. spiked eggnog debate rages into its fifth century; it's truly a #blessed season. We here at Giant Bomb are feelin' pretty good about 2019 and looking forward to 2020. New consoles! A huge first quarter for games! Christmas presents!

To help you celebrate alongside us, we are offering 30 free days of Premium to people who aren't currently a subscriber! Enjoy browsing through the last year's worth of our Premium archives, or all of the archives going back to 2010! It's the best value in sports entertainment and it can be yours - free of charge - for 30 days!

How Do I Sign Up For This Wonderful Deal?

If you don't currently have an account on the site, here's what you do!

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a new account with an Account Type of Basic - Free
  3. Head on over to and select “Gift Card” as your Payment Type.
  4. Enter GOTY19 into "Gift Card Number" field, throw in your payment details, and submit!

If you DO already have an account on the site AND are not a current subscriber, just go to step three and proceed from there.

Why Do You Need My Payment Stuff? I Thought This Wonderful Deal Was Free!

Our current payment processor requires payment details before a trial starts! You can cancel anytime before the thirty days are up and you will not be charged.

How Long Will This Wonderful Deal Last?

You have until 12/31 to take advantage of this wonderful deal! The trial will last for 30 days from the time you redeem the code.