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Frequency Review

Before I start I know that this game is ancient by today's standards, an early PS2 game, this rhythm game was from Harmonix before they made the huge splash with their titles Guitar Hero and then Rock Band. In this rhythm game you will be taking on a more DJ like feel. You will be utilizing your controller to try to keep beat as the indicators come down the screen. You'll have to be on alert though as when you successfully finish one section you're going to have to switch rails.

Graphically this game probably gave people an almost acid trip, when it first came out. Now, though, you're more than bound to notice the rough edges of things, and with all the moving parts of the stage and the overall game you're going to see some blur in there as well.

The music is the reason why you play a game like this, and it doesn't disappoint. You're going to get a wide variety of music, and you're going to find yourself bobbing your head as you're trying to keep the rhythm in the game.

The controls for this game are really straight forward. You're going to be using a good chunk of the controller to hit the "notes" as well as switch tracks. What I mean by switch tracks is that the game basically has you playing in a pentagon or some shape close to it. After successfully getting through a part on one of those tracks, be it vocals, bass, guitar, etc, you're going to have to try your hand at another one. You'll have to do this enough to get to the end of the game.

Even though this game is definitely dated there is still enjoyment to be found in this game. There's three difficulty settings so that after you've gotten pretty good at the game you can ramp up the challenge. The one issue that you're going to see lies in if you try to play this game on a HD TV. The delay is something you're going to have to combat, as I had to do so, on a standard Definition TV you'll find that this game is still able to rock your socks off.

I know that it isn't flashy and smooth by today's standards, but there is something about this game that made me keep saying, I passed that song, I'll just play one more, over and over again. If you are lucky enough to find this game this is something that you're going to want to hold onto and play from time to time. This game gets an 8.3 out of 10.

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