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    Freya Crescent

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    Freya is a Dragon Knight from the kingdom of Burmecia.

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    Freya Crescent is a strong, intelligent female Burmecian, known for her extensive skills with spears and other polearms. Freya is from the country of never-ending rain, a place that is home to a humanoid "rat" race, either Burmecian or Cleyran. She has been known to be confrontational, especially with an equally hard-headed Amarant.


    Freya was once a dragon knight in the Kingdom of Burmecia, whose sole duty was to protect the King and his family. Freya worked often with fellow dragon knight and lance user Fratley. They fell in love, and remained that way, until Fratley decided he needed to train in order to better protect his home. He left Burmecia, traveling the world. Freya often heard rumors of his death, but never believed them. She meets Zidane Tribal and the party while they are in Lindblum, attending (and participating in) the Festival of the Hunt.

    After the festival, a near-dead Burmecian soldier arrives bearing news of an attack on Freya's home. She joins the party, intent on saving her home and protecting the King. The party is too late for Burmecia, but they learn the King and other Burmecians are hiding away in the sandstorm fortress of Cleyra. While in Cleyra to protect the people, Fratley returns, with no memory of who he is or who Freya is. Freya is devastated, but doesn't give up hope, helping save Princess Garnet from the Queen's treachery, and buying time to let them escape. In the end, she helps defeat Necron, and save the world. During the last scenes, it shows Freya and Fratley (with his memories recovered) as they decide to rebuild Burmecia together.


    Freya has several key abilities in her arsenal, including the powerful Jump attack (jump in the air one turn, and crash down on enemy for more damage a turn or two later) and her Dragon Knight skills. They are:

    • Lancer - Physical attack that drains MP equal to 1/16 of the damage done. Damage is 120% of normal attack.
    • Reis's Wind - Casts Regen on all party members.
    • Dragon Breath - Reduces all enemies' HP based on target's max HP minus current HP of target.
    • White Draw - Damages an enemy's MP and restores a small amount of MP to all party members between 0 and the enemy's level *2 - 1.
    • Luna - Inflicts Berserk on all allies and enemies, unless immune.
    • Six Dragons - Absorbs HP/MP from 2 characters to heal the other 2.
    • Cherry Blossom - Deals non-elemental magic damage to all enemies. Damage is 150% of normal attack.
    • Dragon Crest - Deals physical damage to a single enemy that ignores Protect and Defense. Damage is equal to the square of the number of dragon killed. Therefore, if the player kills 100 dragons, it deals 9999 damage (100x100=9999 max).


    When Freya goes into a Trance, she glows a bright pink, and has heightened attack power. While in Trance, she can perform a special version of the Ability "Jump." She jumps into the air, and turn after turn rains spears on the enemy for large amounts of damage. It lasts for 3 turns.


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