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    Freya is the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology.

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    As a major figure in the Norse pantheon of Gods (or Æsir), Freya appears in many games that are in some part inspired by the Norse religion. While usually depicted as a beautiful woman befitting of her traditional role as a goddess of love, her actual role can vary from game to game.

    In the Valkyrie Profile series she is the right-hand agent of Odin, lord of the Æsir, and an immensely powerful entity in her own right. Depending on your actions in the Valkyrie Profile games, she might stay an ally or become an adversary.

    In Too Human, of all the Gods she is the most attuned with the game's version of Cyberspace and the enigmatic NORN entities within. She is also protagonist Baldur's love interest.


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