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    Friedrich Steiner

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    A defector from Nazi Germany, Friedrich Steiner was responsible for the development of Nova 6.

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    Friedrich Steiner was a Nazi scientist, and a member of the Waffen SS. He was responsible for the development of 'Nova-6'; a neurotoxin capable of killing a human in seconds in its original form. It was then refined by the Soviets in order to kill almost instantly. Steiner was sought to develop a weapon of mass destruction by the Nazis, and his result was the gas known as 'Nova-6'. The potency of the weapon horrified even Steiner himself, but he continued to research and develop it.

    Towards the end of World War II, when it became apparent that the war was lost for the Nazis, Steiner and a group of SS members prepared a cargo ship that would be used to fire V2 rockets containing the deadly Nova-6 toxin at control centers in opposing nations. According to Steiner himself, the first target was Washington DC, but Moscow was to be targeted soon after.

    Steiner defected to the Soviet Union after the fall of Nazi Germany and the suicide of Adolf Hitler. A group of Red Army soldiers including Viktor Reznov, Dimitri Petrenko, Nikita Dragovich, and Lev Kravchenko were sent to the Arctic Circle, where the ship had become grounded in order to collect Steiner. When Steiner was found, he was taken to confirm that the rockets aboard the stricken ship contained Nova-6. Much of the squad is killed when Dragovich chooses to test the poison on his own men, and Reznov vows to ensure the death of everyone responsible for the Nova-6 project.

    Twenty-three years after the ship is destroyed, Friedrich Steiner continues his research into the Nova-6 project alongside Nikita Dragovich, in order to refine the poison and make it even more deadly. This poison was intended for use against the United States of America during the Cold War. Steiner is a key target for the Studies and Observations Group, who discover the location of Steiner's lab in the Ural Mountains thanks to Daniel Clarke.

    When members of the SOG reach the facility, Steiner is no longer present on it, but does leave a warning broadcast to them. He states that he is located on Rebirth Island, and that the United States is to be attacked with Nova-6 rockets in thirty-six hours. He tells the group that he will explain how to prevent this occurring if they could retrieve him from Rebirth Island. Alex Mason reaches Rebirth Island before the rest of the SOG do, and manages to execute Friedrich Steiner with a bullet to the head, fulfilling Viktor Reznov's revenge.


    "Do not point that weapon at me, Russian dog! You will take me to Dragovich.

    Said to Viktor Reznov during 'Project Nova', after he is captured by the Soviet strike forces.

    "Long-range V2 rockets, to be launched from this ship. Washington DC was the first target. Then Moscow..."

    Said during the mission 'Project Nova' to Dragovich and Kravchenko.

    "Dragovich is burning everything in connection to Project Nova. I fear I will be next. All across America, Dragovich has sleeper agents ready to receive their final orders to unleash Nova 6. Only I can tell you how to stop them. I am on Rebirth Island - the Aral Sea - I will be waiting."

    Steiner's dialogue when the SOG force enter his facility in the Ural Mountains.


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