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    Friendly Encouragement

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    An increasingly popular feature in games that notifies you of how well your friends are doing compared to your own progress.

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    Friendly Encouragement typically involves a pop-up message that informs the player of their friends' progress in the same game.  This is not simply a friends leaderboard, but the game actively encouraging you to beat your friends in certain aspects of the game.  A typical example of this is in Fable III, which tracks statistics of all types of things including balverines killed, money earned, and even number of children.  When a player kills a group of balverines, the game will typically pop up a message that informs the player of the next person on their friends list who has killed more.  Another recent example is within Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which tracks players performances in real-time in order to inform a player when a friend has beaten a record time.  The game takes this a step further by actively challenging the player to recapture the record.    

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