Not mentioned during 2012 - suddenly a game of the year contender

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So does anyone else find it baffling that Frog Fractions wasn't mentioned at all during the year, not a news story or a podcast mention, and then goes on to become one the best games of the year according to the Giant Bomb guys? And I get that the GOTY podcasts have spoilers, so I can deal with the twist of the game being ruined, but at no point during the year do I remember the guys saying "Hey try Frog Fractions!".

For the record I can think for myself, and I do find games on my own, but I come to a site like this for a bit of guidance. I feel a little let down this game wasn't mentioned earlier in the year. Am I alone?

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There's nothing to spoil about Frog Fractions. There is no amazing revelation. Some guy made a game that was super wacky and some people were caught off guard by it for some reason, as if a flash game could not do the things that Frog Fractions does. Everybody started talking about it at the same time and hyperbole inevitably followed.

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i noticed that but it didn't bother me as i never plan to play it.

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It's just some stupid flash in the pan that came along and freaked everybody out right before Game Of The Year discussions.

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#5 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

I think there was a Worth Reading about it.

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I'm not saying it's a big game, so it being a "flash in the pan" shouldn't matter. If it's worth playing I think it's worth mentioning, especially if it's considered one of the BEST games of 2012. I don't just come to GB to hear about big AAA titles, I want to hear about indie stuff too... it should have been mentioned IMHO.

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Its all based on opinions, if you agree...good for you, and if you don't...well then good for you :)

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