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    Real name Glenn(or Kaeru in the Japanese version), Frog is a knight from 600 A.D. He was transformed into a frog by his nemesis Magus. He is one of seven party members in the game Chrono Trigger.

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    Originally known as Glenn, the party first encounters Frog as he enters the cathedral to save Queen Leene. We learn Frog is a very noble character, likely due to upbringings as a Knight. Being one of only two playable characters in the game, who isn't human, Frog has strong normal attacks, tech attacks, and magic attacks that make him more than a special addition to the Chrono Trigger team. Fog is one of the 4 characters that you must have in your party by the end of the game. The other 3 can be lost and you can finish the game without them.

    Frog is first encountered by Crono and Lucca in the Cathedral in 600 A.D. He helps the party through the Cathedral and helps them defeat Yakra. After Frog returns the queen to the castle he goes off on his own, leaving nothing but his theme song behind.

    Frog staring off at the peak of Magus' castle, moments before entering.
    Frog staring off at the peak of Magus' castle, moments before entering.

    After Crono dies and the party is able to encounter Magus on top of the mountain. The party has the option of defeating Magus for the last time, sealing his fate. Or the party can decide to let Magus go, which will cause him to join the party as the 7th and final member. If the Frog is in the party while the player decides to fight Magus for the last time, Frog will opt to battle Magus alone. Frog feels that this is the only way to truly get revenge for their history together. After a little bit the party will join Frog to help him out.

    Weapons And Techs

    Frog's portrait from the status screen.
    Frog's portrait from the status screen.

    Glenn uses a typical broadsword and shield that a Northern European Knight would use. As a result, he attacks mainly with standard attacks which are quite powerful and cause a great deal of damage, especially when equipped with the merciless Masamune. Frog also works well with Crono when performing dual techs, such as the famous X strike. When used alone Frog can uses other strong and unique special attacks like frog squash which is more powerful when Frog's HP is low. He can also heal his comrades, like Marle, and uses water as his type of magic. Most of his techs that are not water based attacks, but rather influenced by the abilities of a frog. There is Slurp, a tongue lick which heals an ally. In Slurp Strike, Frog uses his tongue to pull himself towards the enemy in order to do a slash attack. His Frog Squash attack is one of the strongest desperation attacks in the game. Frog works well with double Techs. One of his more famous and useful moves for speed runners or just anyone who had trouble with the first fight against Magus is IceWater. This is a DualTech with Marle. This works extremely well on Magus because it prevents him from changing a weakness element to something besides water or ice. So in other words you can spam it to defeat Magus and only need Crono to heal. Most of his normal techs are strength strike attacks using the broadsword, although eventually Frog can use his heal techs in dual, and is part of some of the stronger Tri attacks that can performed much closer to the end of the game. Taking all of this into account makes him one of the better members to have in your party for RPG newcomers and experts. Frog's Frog Squash tech has the highest damage potential for any tech in the game. Frog squash damages all enemies on screen and becomes more powerful with the less health Frog has.


    Frog With Sword And Shield.
    Frog With Sword And Shield.

    Frog, or rather Glenn, was once a human squire working for the Kingdom of Gaurdia against the Mystics. Glenn operated as a Squire for his older friend, and Captain of the Guard, Cyrus, who had acted a sort of protector and big brother during Glenn's childhood. The pair travel on several quests, as hinted in several flashbacks. Eventually, the duo confronted both Ozzie and Magus; the battle ended with Cyrus getting killed and Glenn being turned into a humanoid frog for Magus'es amusement. From this point on, Glenn changed his name to Frog and lived as a hermit. In this period he trained himself to beat Magus and to protect the Queen from any future threats or danger. When Frog joins Crono he blames himself for the failures of the kingdom and disappears. He eventually rejoins the party when the team gets him his "Hero's medal" and the fabled Masamune, the only sword that can defeat Magus (Which also, interestingly enough does actually do bonus damage to him, and him alone) The party leaves to fight the Mystics on their home continent and Frog becomes a permanent party member from this point on.


    Frog's Techs focus primarily on Water and Healing. To do an element-less attack Frog will primarily use his basic attack or a double or triple tech. Frog is one of the three primary healers in the game, the other two being Marle and Robo. Frog is the second most effective healer in the game.

    Tech NamesMP Cost
    Slurp Cut2
    Leap Slash4
    Water 28
    Cure 25
    Frog Squash15

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