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Frogger, a popular video game frog, leaps over obstacles to obtain his goal
Frogger, a popular video game frog, leaps over obstacles to obtain his goal

A frog, a small green amphibian, can be poisonous or non-poisonous, the poisonous variety usually being brightly coloured as a warning to potential predators. These small creatures have powerful hind legs with which they can jump long distances from lily pad to lily pad or from tree to tree. A natural prey to snakes, these creatures thrive off of insects.

Frogs begin their existence as an egg floating in the water in a clump with thousands of its fellow eggs. Progressing from egg to tadpole, this creature spends the early part of its life under water, its streamlined head and tail not revealing its adult form. As the tadpole grows, it begins to grow limbs and lungs capable of breathing air (as opposed to gills). Once its limbs are large enough, the creature climbs out of the water to begin its life as an adult frog, that adorable creature we know and love.

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