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Thanks for the warning man, was looking forward to this game. But i won't settle for a shitty port, with shitty laggy mouse movement and what sounds like a locked frame rate and no graphics adjustments.

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#52 Posted by misterhaan (264 posts) -

i preordered on steam and it didn't look as good as i was expecting either, and i was surprised at no graphics settings besides resolution.  also it keeps popping up annoying boxes explaining obvious things that are happening and there doesn't appear to be a way to turn that off.  i haven't had a problem with scrolling but the mouse movement certainly seems laggy and imprecise.  maybe i'll go complain where ubisoft is listening and hope for a patch.

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#53 Posted by ajamafalous (13408 posts) -

@MordeaniisChaos said:

Sigh..... When will people learn??? Making a shitty version of your game cuts sales WAYYYYYYYYYY more than it cuts your costs, and just ensures no one will want to buy future products from you.

@ajamafalous said:

@TheHBK said:

Hmmmm. I believe your Pentium 3 700 mhz processor might have something to do with this... just a hunch.

His processor has something to do with mouse movement?

Um, if he really is using that, then fuck yes. That will absolutely cause input lag. lol.

That's obvious, but he didn't say input lag, he said his mouse was restricted to a box in the center of the screen.

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#54 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1727 posts) -

UBISoft couldn't be any more vocal in their dislike of the modern PC market than if they literally pissed on every one of their customers.

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#55 Posted by The_Boots (112 posts) -

I'm so fucking mad I'm having trouble seeing straight. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. I'M A TOTAL IDIOT. This is Ubisoft, we're talking. On the PC.

I bought it on the PC without checking to SEE IF I NEEDED A TOTALLY SEPERATE ACCOUNT on a GODDAMN service. The game looked awesome, the quick look made me want to play it, but I thought better wait, it should be better with a mouse. LET ME PAY YOU FOR YOUR FUCKING GAME, THEN LET ME PLAY IT. Same to EA. I don't want an Origin account. I don't want a UPlay account. I WANT TO PLAY FUCKING VIDEO GAMES.

If I can get my money back from anyone, I will. And I'm done. I don't want to have to research a game before it comes out to find out if they need to know my goddamn blood type to let me play.

FTFY Ubisoft.

Okay, now I feel better. I don't normally rant that hard on forums.

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#56 Posted by ryanwho (12011 posts) -

ACB played just fine on PC. Ubisoft aren't exactly infamous for bad PC versions or anything, mostly people just bitch and bark off cus they hear rumors about DRM for versions of games they never even played. Maybe hold the game devs to account a little bit here and not just put it on the publisher.

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#57 Posted by misterhaan (264 posts) -
@ryanwho said:
ACB played just fine on PC.
well that depends on your definition of “just fine.”  i definitely noticed things playing assassin’s creed brotherhood on my computer that only made sense when you consider it was made for consoles first:
  • using the quick travel system, you get a list of exit points on the left and a map on the right.  with a mouse available, it makes the most sense to click on the map to choose your exit (and maybe not even show the list), but with a console controller the list is the way to go.
  • scrollable text can’t be scrolled with the mouse scroll wheel, so if you want to scroll it using the mouse you have to click the tiny down arrow at the bottom right.
  • sometimes the camera would lock and you would need to move in a diagonal direction, most notably the last romulus lair when chasing the cardinal.  with a stick you can push it up and to the right, but that’s requires two fingers on a keyboard, and when you also need to hold another key for free run that’s unnecessarily difficult.
besides the last one they didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the game much, but still i would have appreciated more effort in adapting the game to keyboard and mouse control especially since there was such a wait after the console release.  from dust has strangely-behaving mouse control which actually is getting in my way, but i won’t try to get a refund based on ubisoft misleading me to think i would only once per install need to be online since if they had been truthful i still would have bought it.  of course if they’d disclosed that they put almost no effort into adapting the control system that would have been a different story, but they didn’t exactly promise otherwise either.
from dust doesn’t look as good as i was expecting nor does it control as naturally as i had hoped, but i think i’ll still be able to enjoy it.
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#58 Edited by Bravestar (390 posts) -

Finally finished the game. Should have bought Bastion twice instead. I tried to enjoy the game, even without graphic or sound options and with terrible controls. And I enjoyed the first few levels, but then it was like it turned a switch and the AI became awful. I could rage about the terrible AI for pages, but I will just name 2 occasions: One time I couldn't end a level, because only 3 of 5 went to the last totem. No matter how often I cancelled or called, nobody of these little dudes moved. The other time I told them to build a villange around a totem, but suddently everything got flooded by lava(because their way of making levels hard is to surprise you with a flood or lava and just throw it at you) and I cancelled my command. 2 seconds later they started running towards the lava again. The command just reactivated itself without me doing anything. I cancelled it again, it uncancelled itself, cancelled it, uncancelled itself again and so on. Overall this game was just a frustrating experience for me. I'm really disappointed, because I looked forward to this game since they announced it. edit: man, I wish it would let me break up my text, instead of making it into one block of text. Sorry I guess.

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