Throughts On The New FromSoft Game Leaks\Rumours?

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So, over the last couple of days there has been a bunch of leaks\rumours coming from places like resetera, 4chan, reddit and vaatividya about an up-coming FromSoft game. I'm not going to post them here because there are so many and they are all over the internet and who knows which are true and which aren't (if any). They range from George RR Martin being involved to it being Norse Mythology themed to it being an open world successor to Dark Souls.

In any case, what are your thoughts on the rumours? Are there any you particularly like or dislike? What would you actually like to see in a new FromSoft with or without GRRM?

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#2 Posted by Ares42 (4369 posts) -

Wait two weeks and we'll probably know. But ye, I dunno... I don't really want another bland theme game from them like Sekiro. Bloodborne was great because it was so different from what you usually see. Even the Souls game have a certain degree of outlandishness. Maybe they could do something interesting with a Norse theme.. GoT though ?

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I've yet to grow tired of the combat in the Souls games, so I'm interested, especially since it sounds like a successor to Dark Souls and not a direct sequel. Normally, I would roll my eyes on hearing that a developer wants to make an open world game, but I'm curious if From manages to marry the interconnectedness and design sensibilities of their worlds to a more expansive space.

I'm not sure what the GRRM collaboration entails, so I'm sort of ambivalent. GRRM is clearly a good writer and does world-building well, but I haven't felt like Fromsoftware's past games were particularly lacking in that regard. There's always room for improvement though, so why not?

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@militantfreudian: If the leaks are true then it kind of sounds like they are trying to make good on what they wanted for Dark Souls 2. So instead of this wheel and spoke map layout that ends with a castle, they are gonna make the paths much more open and it leads to a kingdom that will have that tight interconnected design that Lordran had.

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I'd love to see another Fromsoft action RPG with a GoT setting, skeptical about them making it work in an open world but they get the benefit of the doubt from me.

Another action game a la Sekiro but with a Norse setting also works for me. At this point I'd be excited to see whatever they're working on next, if GRRM helps them involve a more compelling plot too that's an exciting bonus prospect.

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I would LOVE another Dark Souls, I've yet to grow tired of those games. Three of my all time favorites (yes even 2).

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#7 Posted by Efesell (4635 posts) -

I can't help but feel there are other really important projects I want GRRM focused on instead of a game by developers that I don't know actually need him to develop an interesting world to play around in.

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I'd really like a different style of FromSoft game and maybe getting some story beats and world building from Martin would fit right in to a new feel from a new game.

Or I can hold my breathe for a Lost Kingdoms 3.

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I think the big question is what GRRM's involvement is. If it's a licensed ASOIAF game, him being there to consult on the setting and things makes sense. If it's a new setting, I imagine that either he's really involved in the story or barely involved and mostly there for the marketable name. Sekiro showed an increased interest in plot and characters rather than From games being all about setting and lore, so it would make sense for them to keep moving in that direction.

If it's viking themed, that's pretty cool. From's take on things is never the typical one, so I definitely think they'd be able to do something interesting with that, there's lots of weird stuff in Norse mythology for them to use. If it is ASOIAF, I'd be more worried about GRRM holding back their creativity with regards to levels, creatures, realism and so on. But maybe GRRM is one of those chill creators that's cool with adaptations making changes to suit their medium.

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#10 Posted by TheChris (550 posts) -

I like it except the part about open world and Norse mythology.

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After finishing Dad of Boy last week, I'm down for some more Norse mythology, especially if the Aesir are going to be assholes.

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#12 Posted by Gazoinks (113 posts) -

Since misinterpreting the original Dark Souls announcement, I've been curious what a From Software open world game would be like. Norse mythology seems like a natural fit for their aesthetic, though I really wish they'd stretch the style of their games further. I really want a sci-fi Souls.

I'm neutral on the GRRM involvement, I guess. It depends what that actually means.

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I'm pretty sure it wont be but I dont want it to have anything to do with GoT. I have nothing against the books/series (the last season was bad, but it was still good overall) but I dont like games being tied to licences that are hard to deal with. It's why Bioware was smart to ditch D&D & Star Wars. Regardless of your opinion of Dragon Age & Mass Effect.

Anyway, I wouldnt want an open world Norse game from them, it could be good. If the rumours are true. But i'm tired of open world games and Norse mythology, as cool as it can sometimes be. Personally i'd want the Mecha Souls game that was hinted at awhile ago, i'm not sure thats something GRRM would go for though.

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Being Norse mythology is about the only way I'd attempt to play another Souls game tbh

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#15 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (3676 posts) -

@boozak: The smoke on the street is now that it's apparently either set in or inspired by Scotland rather than Norse.

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#16 Posted by Gazoinks (113 posts) -

@jonny_anonymous: Ooh, I'd honestly be way more down for that. I feel like Celtic mythology has been weirdly passed over in a lot of media, especially video games. I'm sure From could do Norse nicely, but Norse mythology feels well-mined at this point.

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#17 Posted by TheRealTurk (599 posts) -

Celtic or Norse mythology could be cool, as long as it's married to some interesting gameplay and story ideas. If it's just "Sekiro but Vikings" then I'm completely disinterested.

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#18 Posted by MobiusFun (286 posts) -

Its another "not armored core" that will inevitably lead to another round of people asking "lol what if mecha souls?" and I'm already frustrated. The cherry on top would be if it ended up being a GoT game. Then it would be the first From Software game in a long time that I skip.

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#19 Posted by notnert427 (2295 posts) -

Things seem headed down the AC path where going forward it's just going to be setting changes from.....From.

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#20 Posted by TheHT (15890 posts) -

Man, I want From Software to make a filthy nasty grimy-ass cyberpunk game.

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@notnert427: comparing FS games to AC games is really unfair. FS games aren't just offering changes in scenery but also a complete overhaul of the game design and mechanics. The only similarity FS games have in common is the difficulty.

Comparing DS games to AC games might make more sense.

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#22 Posted by Tackchevy (292 posts) -

Library management simulator starring Samwell Tarly.

Going to be brutal and unforgiving, but you'll learn each time the library gets burned or overran or whatever.

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Hesitant to believe without some more concrete evidence. Although, I will say that even if Martin is involved, we should remember that there's a bit of a disappointing history with major creative figures from other media being involved in video games. Maybe FromSoftware have incorporated some of his trademark brutality into their title elegantly, but we've also seen lots of examples of creators from film or literature being a name on a box without a great deal of creative input in a game or having relatively little to offer a dev team because while they may be a skilled writer or director, they don't know how to create for video games specifically.

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Whatever his involvement is, I believe it is light like some consultation on ideas or concepts. From Software have always been uncompromising in vision and direction when it comes to their products, so I doubt GRRM has any major influence in what the next game will be. Hell, maybe From Software had a few meetings with GRRM, thought what he brought to the table was garbage, and said "You know what? Write him the check, but fuck that guy."

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#25 Posted by ripelivejam (13242 posts) -

No more souls adjacent stuff please. Hope they really branch out here. Or at least try something a little different and riskier.

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The game is "a fantasy action-RPG adventure," the studio's "largest" yet.

Hope it's like Dragon's Dogma.

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#28 Posted by TheChris (550 posts) -

I hope not, Dragon’s Dogma’s world was boring as sin. I hope the world has the usual From Soft level design.

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