Frontier Mountains

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    The Frontier Mountain range touches most of western Kunark.

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    Frontier Mountains
    Frontier Mountains

    Frontier Mountains is a rocky region located to the west of the Lake of Ill Omen. It is inhabited by a faction of mountain giants known as the Kromdek, as well as a tribe of countless goblins known as the Mountain Death clan. Many mid-seasoned adventurers thrive in this region as both the giants and goblins carry quite a bit of coin. The goblins pour out from underground caverns through the mountain range. An entrance to the Mines of Nurga lies in the southern part of the region. These mines are connected to the Temple of Droga, which has an outdoor entrance in the far northwest reaches of the mountains. The center of the range is where adventurers will find a large fort where the mountain giants guard one of the richest mines in all of Norrath. The sarnak have also moved into the region, attempting to claim Droga and Nurga as their own. Adventurers who slay either the sarnak or Mountain Death will earn favor with the opposing faction, which leads to unique opportunities on both sides. On the peaks of some of the mountains here, large statues signify the might of the Iksar Empire from century's passed. South of the Frontier Mountains lie the Dreadlands, and over the peaks to the west is the smoldering forest known as the Burning Woods. Those able to pass the mountains into the north will find the open plains of The Overthere and the dark elf outpost that rests on the shores of the Timorous Deep.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Brood of Di`Zok
    • Burynai Legion
    • Goblins of Cleaving Tooth
    • Goblins of Mountain Death
    • Sarnak Collective


    Notable NPCs

    • Bloodscale the Vicious
    • Blugtigin
    • Burynai Grand Cenobyte
    • Chief RokGus
    • Dustback
    • Eboneyes
    • Gemeye
    • Goblin Chieftan
    • Goblin Dustscryer
    • Goblinstomper
    • Gromlok
    • Krenlek
    • Mentrax Mountainbone
    • Miner Bordakn
    • Overseer Miklek
    • Slithinis
    • Soothsayer Dregzak
    • Warlord Skargus

    Notable Items

    • Axe of the Iron Back
    • Belt of the Cenobite
    • Blood Splattered Veil
    • Bracer of Vajeen
    • Burynai Leg Ripper
    • Burynai Legion Gi
    • Chieftan's Headress
    • Choker of Majdd
    • Circlet of Shadows
    • Crystal of Seeing
    • Dustscryer's Crystal Ball
    • Dusty Breastplate
    • Earring of Essence
    • Ebon Razor
    • Essence of Dol
    • Forest Loop
    • Gem Encrusted Circlet
    • Gem Finder
    • Gromlok's Basher
    • Idol of the Thorned
    • Idol of Woven Grass
    • Ketchata Koro Mis
    • Lumberjack's Cap
    • Mantle of Mirth
    • Medicine Totem
    • Mountain Death Belt
    • Petrified Goblin Eye
    • Ring of the Rockchanter
    • RukGus' Sticker
    • Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger
    • Sarnak Ceremonial Sword
    • Sarnak Earring of Station
    • Sarnak Emblazened Tabard
    • Sarnak-hide Leggings
    • Scorched Pauldrons
    • Skullchip Bracelet
    • Skullhelm of Krenlek
    • Sleeves of the Ancients
    • Slithinis's Shield
    • Straw Spun Belt
    • Tambourine of Rituals
    • Tome of the Eternal
    • Varithyx
    • Whip of Strangulation

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