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Frost Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily out of leftover parts
 Happy Valentines Day!
 Happy Valentines Day!
that were used to create Clown Man, another Robot Master that appears in Mega Man 8. Frost Man is big and very strong, but also has poor oil circulation and is very dumb. 


Mega Man 8

 Stage Select in Mega Man 8
 Stage Select in Mega Man 8
In Mega Man 8, Frost Man is one of the first four robot masters.  His stage is located in Alaska, and is the first stage where the player is treated to a snowboarding sequence in Mega Man 8.  In his battle he will throw giant blocks of ice at you as well as try to jump on top of you.  The most effective way to defeat him is to use the Flash Bomb weapon that you get for defeating Grenade Man on him.  The weapon that is earned for defeating him is the ice wave.


Mega Man and Bass                                                        

 Frost Man's Data Card from Mega Man and Bass
 Frost Man's Data Card from Mega Man and Bass
In Mega Man and Bass Frost Man appears as data card in the in game robot archive.




Mega Man 10

Frost Man in Mega Man 10
Frost Man in Mega Man 10
In Mega Man 10, he appears at least in spirit. During the Wily Stage 1, you face several mini bosses programmed to act liast Mega Man bosses. Among the final 3, one of the personas taken on is that of Frost Man. An 8 bit sprite version of him appears on a screen  and the cube-like body will then act like him and have all his powers such as the wall of ice spikes he throws at Mega Man in Mega Man 8.


Throughout the battle against Frost Man in Mega Man 8, you'll hear a few memorable phrases.  Here is a list of every possible one that can be heard during that battle.
  • "I'm Frost Man."
  • "Freeze!"
  • "I'll crush you! I'll make a popsicle of you."
  • "I'll crush you! I will...beat you."
  • "Wow!"
  • "Huah!"
  • "Ice Wave!"
  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "Ow!"
  • "Dat hurt!"
  • "Uargh!"

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