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"He protects the weapon which lies deep within the snow base."Frost Walrus is one of the bosses in Mega Man X4. Frost Walrus is the second biggest boss of the game (first being the third form of Sigma).Frost Walrus's attacks are all ice base, he's also the easiest boss in the game.Frost Walrus level is called the Snow Base, "We've discovered a hidden snow base.Halt production of their new weapon".

Frost Walrus is the biggest boss that was ever created in the Mega Man X series. His attack pattern consist of walking a couple of steps towards and does a leap onto the ground and slides across the stage. After that, he breaths out  a snowy mist and generates spiked balls and shoots them out towards X. Another attack method is he shoots out iced out, spiked missile and has them lands on the ground.

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