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    Frostcrypt, the Throne of the Shade King

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    Frostcrypt is the final resting place of Beltron, the king of the Krithgor clan of ice giants.

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    Frostcrypt, the Throne of the Shade King, is as deep as one can go into the icy mountains of the Serpent's Spine. It is the residence of the Krithgor, a species of giants that have somehow completely escaped the curse laid up Rallos Zek's creations by The Rathe. This means that instead of simple-minded, lumbering giants, they pose all the physical threats in addition to being highly intelligent and wielding powerful magic. The truth of the matter is that the Krithgor rebelled against their creator and did not join the other clans of giants, orcs, and goblins in the assault on the Plane of Earth. Zek got his revenge when the Krithgor king, Beltron, died of old age shortly after the curse was laid down. The giants carried their king to the burial grounds of Frostcrypt, and once they were all inside, Rallos Zek resurrected Beltron under a curse of his own. Beltron slew every living giant within the crypt, and they too were resurrected to become known as the Shades of Zek. Their goal is to exterminate any surviving Krithgor in Valdeholm.


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