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    A multiplayer map found in the SOCOM series.

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    Frostfire is a multiplayer map featured in the SOCOM series of third-person shooters. It is located on an oil rig in the middle of night. Taking place on a single platform, it is comprised of a large warehouse filled with boxes, climbable shipping containers, two large oil reservoirs with accessible walkways, an elevated control room and an underground walkway. 
    The SEALs starting point is an area littered with shipping containers offering excellent cover opportunities and a high-risen walkway offering a vantage point over half of the map's area. Terrorists start in a control room overlooking a long hallway, providing a great opportunity for snipers trying to get an early kill. This vantage point also looks over one of the two entrances to the underground walkway. An entrance to underground path is directly next to where the terrorists start, providing them a key opportunity to ambush incoming SEAL players who try for a surprise attack on their spawn. Each of the map's area always has a good opportunity for one side while still giving an alternate path for the opposing team to strike, making it one of the most balanced and well-crafted maps in SOCOM.


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