FTL Naming Conventions

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I'm noticing this really tiny strange thing about FTL. In the hangar, if I name a character (say) "Bob Smith," it will call that character "Smith." However, if I name the character "Bob Smitheroon," it will call that character "Bob." It doesn't consistently go with the last name, or the first name, or whichever name's shorter. I'm not sure what the algorithm is, and as a result it's tough to give my characters the full names I want and also give them the display names I want. It's not a huge deal (I can just name them the desired display names, e.g. just "Bob"), but it's a little curious. Does anyone know more about this?

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I noticed that, too. It seems to have to do with the length of the name and where the space is placed. With some creative abbreviation, you can get pretty much any name to work.

Bonus: I name all my rock guys after Rocky movies.

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