Your best run so far.

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I bought FTL yesterday because it was on sale, and I've heard good things about the game, so I decided to buy it. This type of game has never caught my attention like this one has. The music, the art style and the ambient noises it makes when you're traveling to the nebula are the best things so far, and of course the gameplay is amazing. So, duders what has been your best run so far? I got that score on my second play through. I can't believe I got all the way to Sector 6 on my second play through, I'm always terrible at these types of games.

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I really need to play more FTL.

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Included #2 as I actually reached Sector 8 that time, though it was apparently a worse run than my top score where I reached Sector 7.

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Well I beat it on normal using the Red-Tail so I guess that would be my best run, it did take me at least 30 hours of playing though.

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I don't have any screenshots but I've beaten the game on Normal with full health. Repair drones are a godsend for the final boss.

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I finally got over the sector 4 hump and made it to sector 8 before having my ass handed to me.

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I need to get back into this. Played about 8 hours so far.

I'll admit I have only played on easy so far, but it was hilarious when I got to the capital ship for the 3rd time or so and felt strong, and proceeded to do really well and I thought:

"Aww I'm cheating this... it's way too easy. Feel cheap and like a cheater". Proceed to win the first fight and then get to the second and get annihilated after a couple waves of 15 drones.

FTL you bastard.

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Osprey is great if you supe up your weapons then shields.

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My highest score is 1600-something for the Engi ship on easy. I actually score pretty consistently in that realm, since I can get up to the last section no problem but have yet to be able to beat the boss. Probably need to rethink my strategy.

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I got to the last section before but was decimated by a random fight.

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I distinctly remember being surprised when that run using the Man of War turned out to be ahead of my other high scores. I don't recall being that rich or having all of the upgrades or something, though I did have a pretty good weapon setup. Maybe I just killed a lot of ships and took little damage or something. Not entirely sure how the scoring is weighted. For a lot of those other high scores, I think I had the scrap recovery arm, which gave me more money to work with (every bit of money you earn boosts your score bit by bit).

It's worth noting that I put around 70 hours into the beta, and another 70 hours since the game was officially released.

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Got to the final stand on Easy with a bunch of awesome weapons and a huge crew including a Crystal man. Moved around the system thinking that I was waiting for the final boss, thinking that was what the timer was, until suddenly I got an instant Game Over.

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I did a lot of initial practice runs on easy to really dig into the games systems and break down the mechanics. Once you do that and have a clear understanding of how everything ticks, the normal runs likewise become quite manageable.

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The highest scoring ship is the Basilisk for a reason: 4 man teleporter + starting mantis crew

Get your mantis crew up to 4 asap and then the 4 man teleprots will masacre almost any enemy ship with ease and leave you more scrap/resources to boot (later ships may require some disabling of med facilities)

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